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Auralex Acoustics ELiTE ProPanel Panels

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. 800-959-3343 . Fax: 317-842-2760 Auralex Acoustics, Inc. . 800-959-3343 . Fax: 317-842-2760 ELiTE™ ProPanel™ Installation Guide Impaling Clips Figure 1.1 Impaling Clip installation side view Figure 1.2 Impaling Clip placement on 4’x8’ panel Figure 1.3 Impaling Clip detail Impaling Clips General guidelines for all panels: 1. Whenever moving panels, transport them with the shortest dimension in the vertical position to reduce potential stress or breaking of the fiberglass. Do not move panels par

Auralex Acoustics Auralex PlatFoam none

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Category: Home Theater Systems

Proper placement of the Studiofoam™ panels, LENRD™ Bass Traps and T’Fusor™ 3D Sound Diffusors will insure greater clarity in your listening environment. Please refer to the general installation guidelines on back. You’ll end up with the best room you’ve never “heard.” ( (^Auralex) v acoustics 7 ^■auralex.c or*» Thank you for purchasing an Auralex Roominators™ Kit. ★ Happy Listening! General Guidelines The Auralex Acoustics Roominators Deluxe Plus Kit For superior acoustics, Auralex sug