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Banner Vision Sensor PA EDGE

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If the stopper is incorrectly positioned or if the vial is under filled, a FAIL output is sent from the vision sensor to the filling machine. ▲ Bottle Label Alignment The P4 EDGE measures the horizontal displacement between the labels and verifies that each individual label is applied straight and not skewed. ▲ Syringe Assembly Verification The P4 EDGE checks for the presence of a needle and verifies that it is straight. It also measures the epoxy glue for over- or under-fill. Banner Engine

Banner Vision Sensor P4 GEO 1.3

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A Geometric Find tool compensates for positional variation. ▲ Complete Case Inspection The PresencePLUS P4 GEO 1.3 verifies the correct assembly of product bottles in a case. The Find Locating tool and Count Inspecting tool recognise patterns in any orientation up to 360°. Banner Engineering offers the industry a highly complete and integrated line of photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, machine safety products, measurement & inspection products and vision sensors. Banner Engineering i

Banner Vision Sensor IP68

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PresencePlus Pro™ Inspection Tools: Blob #4 Locate * a Pattern Find ¡3 m Grey Scale m Pattern Count Measure Test Vision Sensor Easy system to set up and operate: • Use PC for simple point-and-click step-by-step setup • PC not required for operation, live video built in • Inspections are stored in the system Perform multiple inspections simultaneously: • Nine full-function vision inspection tools • Not dependent on product alignment or orientation Ethernet & flexible I/O • Commu

Banner U-Gage Ultrasonic Sensor

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Ultrasonic sensors that think as well as they hear. Banner has reinvented ultrasonic sensing to be infinitely more accurate, versatile and effective in solving some of the nastiest applications you face. We have applied our industry-leading photoelectric sensor technologies to a new line of advanced ultrasonic sensors. If you’ve never tried ultrasonic sensors, or if you’ve tried them unsuccessfully before, try them again. You’ll find our U-GAGE sensors to be the most advanced and capable ultraso

Banner Two-Hand-Control DUO-TOUCH SG

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DUO-TOUCH Two-Hand- Control Prevent repetitive stress injuries • Dependable switching with no physical pressure required • Eliminate hand, wrist and arm stress • Ergonomically designed for use with repetitive operations • Designed to comply with Category 4 per ISO 138491 (EN 954-1); Type IIIC per ISO 13851 (EN 574) • Ease of installation • Productivity improvement • I deal solution for punch presses and others dangerous machines more sensors, more solutions Banner Engineering Europe

Banner Sensors T-GAGE M18T

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Monitors user defined window using analog or discrete outputs . Senses temperatures from 0° to 300° C . Sensitive to temperature contrasts of 3° C or more . Works even if target object is not moving . Requires no emitter, controller or external amplifier . Features easy-to-use TEACH-mode programming; no potentiometer adjustments . Fully encapsulated electronics for harsh sensing environments . Available in 3 models for different target sizes and distances The T-GAGE M18T sensor is not intended f

Banner Sensor QS30

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I laser, red 650 nm, 400 mm range QS30LDL: Cl. II laser, red 658 nm, 800 mm range QS30LLP Long-range Retro-reflective Class I laser, red 650 nm Range 0,2 m to 18 m QS30LLPC Low contrast Retro-reflective Class I laser, red 650 nm Range 0,2 m to 18 m i Easy to read status indicators Teaching options via push-button or remote wire M30 threaded nose QS30EX Emitters & QS30ARX or QS30RRX Receivers - Opposed Range > 213 m Infrared 875 nm 8-segment bargraph display: signal strength, threshold

Banner Registration Mark Sensor R58 Expert

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Description: The highly sensitive R58 Expert detects the inconspicuous splice in a roll of paper, ensuring that the printer skips over the splice. Power LED Dynamic TEACH (+) Push Button Dark Operate LED Light Operate LED Static TEACH (-) Push Button Horizontal spot position Vertical spot position Tube Registration Mark Detection Output LED ON-Delay Switch Point 8-Segment Light Bar Objective: To detect registration marks on tubes for correct positioning before filling. 3 LED colours

Banner R-Gage QT50R

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Immune to extreme weather conditions, the QT50R effectively resists rain, wind, humidity and temperature to accurately deliver presence, absence or change information about the observed target. State-of-the-art presence detection for a broad range of weather conditions Advanced radar-based sensor for reliable detection of moving or stationary objects .Uses FMCW technology for detecting moving and stationary targets .Provides presence, absence or change information for a detected target .Detects

Banner QS30H20

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The QS30H2O Sensor is an innovative addition to Banner’s complete line of cost-effective, rugged and powerful WORLD-BEAM photoelectric sensors. Liquid detection for challenging clear or translucent plastic or glass containers 51.5 mm 44 mm 22 mm WORLD-BEAM® QS30H2O Models Brackets Models Description SMBQS30L • Right-angle bracket for cabled sensors • 14-ga. stainless steel • ±12. tilt adjustment • Clearance for M4 (#8) hardware SMBQS30LT • Tall right-angle bracket for QD sensors with straight co