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Bifinett KH 85

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Category: Juicers

Before using your citrus press for the first time, please read through the operating instructions and this safety advice carefully. 2. The citrus press is to be connected only to an earthed mains socket which has properly installed in accordance with the applicable regulations. To avoid accidents, never operate several household appliances from the same socket at the same time. 3. This citrus press is intended only for domestic use. 4. Do not use this citrus press outside. 5. Do not leave the ci

Bifinett KH 830

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Category: Other Kitchen Appliances

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Category: Mixers

Spritzschutzkappe 2. Mixer-Deckel 3. Mixberhalter max. 1,5 l 4. Abdeckung fur Motorblock 5. Motorblock 6. Geschwindigkeitsregler 7. Antriebsachse 8. Ruhrschussel max. 1,5l 9. Deckel fur Ruhrschussel 10. Einfullschacht 11. Stopfer 12. Messbecher 2 Verwendungszweck Dieses Gerat ist vorgesehen fur die Verarbeitung von Lebensmitteln in Haushaltsublichen Mengen und nur fur den privaten Gebrauch in geschlossenen, regengeschutzten Raumen. Das Gerat ist nicht vorgesehen fur den gewerblichen oder industr

Bifinett KH 600

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Category: Coffee Makers

. Before using your tea and coffee maker for the first time, please read through the operating instructions and this safety advice carefully. . This tea and coffee maker is intended for domestic use only. . Do not use this tea and coffee maker outside. . WARNING: Never immerse the tea and coffee maker in water. Do not use your tea and coffee maker near running or standing water or in the bathroom. . Do not place the glass carafe in the microwave. . Do not allow your tea and coffee maker to remai

Bifinett KH 499

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Category: Blenders

Do not expose the appliance to humidity and do not use it outdoors. If by chance liquids do enter into the casing, unplug the appliance from the power socket immediately and have it repaired by a qualified technician. • Never touch the hand blender, power cord or plug with wet hands. • To unplug the power cord, always pull out the plug from the socket and do not pull at the cord itself. • Do not crease or crimp the power cord and place the power cord in such a way as to prevent anyone from st

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Category: Other Kitchen Appliances

IMPORTANT SAFETY ADVICE . . Please read these important safety advice notes carefully before you use your automatic yoghurt maker for the first time and, if necessary, pass them on to third parties. This equipment is intended for use in the home and is not to be used outside. The voltage used must be identical to that shown on the rating plate. . To avoid electric shock, fire, personal injury and other dangers, never immerse the yoghurt maker, the mains lead or the plug in water or other liqui

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Category: Convection Ovens

Handelsgesellschaft mbH Burgstra.e 21 · D-44867 Bochum (Germany) . IMPORTANT SAFETY ADVICE This safety advice must be always followed before using electrical equipment: . Please read carefully through the following information concerning safety and proper use. Before reading, fold out the page with the illustrations and make yourself familiar with all the functions of the equipment. Be careful to keep these advice notes and if necessary pass them on to a third party. The raclette grill is inten

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Category: Mixers

You should always follow this rule to avoid cau-0 £ sing any damage. Assembly/Operation 0-Position:the motor is switched off. Positions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: different speed settings. Press TURBO to use a faster speed and achieve greater efficiency. If you press TURBO, the mixer automatically switches to a faster speed. • The dough hooks are specially shaped, so that dough is prevented from moving upwards. For this reason they can only be attached onto the machine at one end. Push the dough hoo

Bifinett KH 1380

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Category: Electric Ovens

Even if the device is switched off but the plug is still connected to the mains socket, it is still connected to the electricity supply. 3 Operating elements 0- №. 1. Temperature control 2. Control light 3. Function switch Variable temperature control between 100° C and 250° C Lights up during operation Selector switch for • OFF • Upper heat • Lower and upper heat • Lower heat 4. Timer Set the required baking and grilling times between 0 and 60 min. 5. Glass door with handle 6. G

Bifinett KH 1155

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Category: Scales

. When inserting the battery, make certain to correctly align the battery poles, and do not use force when connecting the battery . Remove the battery when you do not use the scale for a longer period of time. . Replace an empty battery punctually. . Never place more than 5 kg on the scale. . Make certain that liquids never enter into the scale . Avoid contact with solvents and corrosive or abrasive cleansers. . Only place the scale on a flat and firm surface. . Never place anything on the displ