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Blount ICS 613GC

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8.3 Remove starter cord shield screws. 8.4 Relieve spring tension. A Pull 4-6” of rope out. B Line rope up with notch on pulley. C Slowly rotate pulley counterclockwise until spring pressure is released. Use thumb as a brake. 8.5 Remove starter pulley screw and washer. NOTE: Hold starter cover firmly. F/N 71537 Oct 07 © 2007 ICS, Blount Inc. TITLE 8. STARTER TITLE 8. STARTER 613GC SERVICE MANUAL 8.6 Remove starter pulley. 8.7 Inspect coil spring. A Replace if spring hook is damaged. Attempting t

Blount 853PRO

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free running) 4,800 sfm (avg. free running chain) 5,300 rpm (avg. free running) 4,500 sfm (avg. free running chain) Noise Level 88 dB @ 3 ft (1 m) 88 dB @ 3 ft (1 m) Vibration 4 m/sec. (front handle) Ref. ISO standard no. 7505 4 m/sec. (front handle) Ref. ISO standard no. 7505 Torque 130 in-lbs (176 Nm) 207 in-lbs (280 Nm) Horsepower 11.5 hp (8.6 kW) 17.5 hp (13 kW) Set-UP GUIDE BAR AND DIAMOND CHAIN INSTALLATION STEP 1 Loosen the side cover nuts and remove the side cover. STEP 4 Mount the chain

Blount 633GC

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Category: Chainsaws

This helps prevent the separation of the two-stroke oil from the gasoline (varnishing). • If the saw is not used for an extended period of time ( months) the fuel tank should be emptied and cleaned. FUELING • Always shut off the saw before fueling. • Before fueling, clean the area around fuel cap to prevent dirt from contaminating the fuel. Contamination of the fuel tank can lead to saw malfunction. • Thoroughly mix the fuel in it’s container before fueling. • Slowly open the fuel cap to release