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Boston Acoustics VRI595

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Category: Musical Instruments

With grille on, it reflects has the clean styling of our entire Designer™ series of in-ceiling speakers—but behind the grille it has the same impressive driver configuration as our flagship in-wall speaker, the VRi593. Realistic front imaging from ceiling mounted seaker Flexible placement —entire baffle rotates to direct sonic output Unique driver orientation: 3-way array and performance from a 2-way footprint VRi595 Given the intelligent engineering inside, a Designer VRi595 will make its

Boston Acoustics VOYAGERPRO

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Category: Home Theater Systems

Not for disclosure except under terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement accepted by recipient and by an actually authorized agent of Digital Theater Systems, Inc. Unauthorized disclosure is a violation of State, Federal, and International laws. NOT FOR USE EXCEPT UNDER TERMS OF A VALIDLY EXECUTED WRITTEN LICENSE AGREEMENT BETWEEN INTENDED USER AND DIGITAL THEATER SYSTEMS, INC. Protected by one or more of the following U.S. Patents numbers 6,487,535; 5,451,942; 5,956,674; 5,974,380; 5,978,762; 6,226,

Boston Acoustics Voyager Voyager Metro

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

Maintenance Voyager speakers require no more than occasional dusting or wiping with a soft cloth. When the speakers are installed in hard-to-reach locations, you may brush them with a soft broom. Avoid directing a garden hose at the speaker—it can damage the drivers or dislodge the wiring. If Service Seems Necessary First, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the speakers. If that is not possible, write to: Boston Acoustics, Inc. 300 Jubilee Drive Peabody, MA 01960 U.S.A. We will promptly

Boston Acoustics Voyager 6

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

Combining the famous Boston sound with the latest and best weather resistance and manufacturing methods, the Voyagers are ideally suited to anything you can throw at them. Try outdoor use – sun, rain, snow, heat, and cold – or marine use. They are equally at home in your home, for background music, hi-fi, or home theater. All models in the Voyager line are true two-way designs with all acoustic parts sealed and gasketed against penetrating weather. Drawing from over a decade of all-weather speak

Boston Acoustics Voyager 5

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

How to Place Your Speakers Placement is one of the most important factors for sound quality. Taking a few minutes to place your speakers correctly ensures that your speakers will sound best in any indoor or outdoor environment. For best stereo effect, separate the speakers by at least 3-6 ft. (1-2m). Typically, placement near a wall or other surface will increase the bass output of the speaker. Corner placement will give still more bass. Outdoors, placement under the eaves of a roof reduces expo

Boston Acoustics Voyager 4

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

Wiring should take a few minutes, but it’s important to do it carefully, since incorrect wiring (such as reversed connections) can result in a poor stereo soundstage or poor bass. We recommend 18 gauge (or heavier) lamp cord or speaker wire for runs of up to 25 feet (8m), and thicker 16 gauge for longer runs. Strip 1 /2" (12mm) of insulation off the ends of each speaker cable to expose the two conductors, and tightly twist the wire strands. In installations where wiring is run on or through a bu

Boston Acoustics TVeeTM

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Category: Home Theater Systems

Product Make it your own... OWNER’S MANUAL / SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS / COMPLIANCE INFORMATION TVee™ Model Two Television Entertainment Enhancement System A Boston P.O.P. Product Make it your own... RELEASEPRESS RELEASEPRESS RELEASEPRESS RELEASEPRESS Quick Guide Did you know TVee™ can learn your television remote control? If your television can be setup to change the audio volume it sends to TVee, you don’t need this quick start guide. Example:Teach TVee to respond to the Volume T button of your tele

Boston Acoustics SPG555

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Category: Car Audio

The SPG555 features our patented-pending 3.5-inch RV C™ (Removable Voice Coil) allowing you to either change the impedance of the subwoofer or repair a defective voice coil; without having to remove the SPG555 from its enclosure! By removing six screws, you can simply slide out the RV C™ and replace it with a new one. In addition, the SPG555 features our SPS™ ( S o f t Part System) allowing the user to replace the entire cone/surround/spider assembly should they ever become damaged. The SPG555 i

Boston Acoustics SL95

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Category: DVD Players

Boston Acoustics SC95

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Category: Car Audio

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