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Bounty Hunter PIONEER 505

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Category: Metal Detectors

The concepts and terminology can be quite unfamiliar if you are new to the hobby. To understand it quickly and to get the most enjoyment possible from your detector, we strongly recommend that you: 1) Watch the video. It is 21 minutes long. 2) Turn the Sensitivity knob to a low setting if you get false signals. A little practice is required to understand when and how you can use the sensitivity at or near 100%. 3) Do not use indoors. This detector is for outdoor use only. Many household applianc

Bounty Hunter PIONEER 202

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Category: Metal Detectors

The Pioneer 202 is a motion detector; movement over an object is required in order for the machine to detect the object and emit a tone. Alternatively, you can sweep a metal object over a motionless search coil. THIS METAL DETECTOR HAS TWO TYPES OF OPERATING MODES: 1. ALL METAL DETECTION All metals will be detected. 2. DISCRIMINATE, NOTCH, and AUTO NOTCH modes In any of these three detection modes, the detector will emit different tones, depending upon the type of metal present. The characterist

Bounty Hunter LEGACY 3300

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Category: Metal Detectors

When searching very trashing ground, it is best to scan small areas with slow, short sweeps. You will be surprised just how much trash metal and foil you will find in some areas. The trashiest areas have been frequented by the most people, and frequently hold the most promise for finding the most lost valuables. To make searching easier in very trashy areas, consider purchasing a 4inch Search Coil. The 4-inch coil’s narrower detection field can better distinguish between two objects in close pro

Bounty Hunter DISCOVERY 2200

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Category: Metal Detectors

PINPOINTING Pinpointing is the process of finding the exact location of a buried object. Long-buried metals can appear exactly like the surrounding soil, and can therefore be very hard to isolate from the soil. PULL-TABS Discarded pull-tabs from beverage containers are the most bothersome trash items for treasure hunters. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Pull-tabs can be eliminated from detection, but some other valuable objects can have a magnetic signature similar to pull-tabs, an

Bounty Hunter 3300

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Category: Scanners and Copiers

While the most difficult aspects of metal detecting have been automated, it is a sophisticated electronic device which requires an understanding of some basic features and metal detecting concepts. If you do not have prior experience with a metal detector, we strongly recommend that you: 1) Adjust the Sensitivity to a low setting in the event of false signals. Always begin use at a reduced OWNER’S MANUAL The Discovery 3300 is a professional metal detector. While the most difficult aspects of met