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Cerwin-Vega Vision VIS-253

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• Denken Sie beim Betrieb im Freien daran, dass ein hoher Boxenturm durch Windsto.e umgeworfen werden kann. • Stellen Sie die Boxen so auf, dass Kunstler, Techniker oder Zuschauer so gut wie nicht dagegen sto.en konnen. • Verlegen und sichern Sie die Kabel so, dass Kunstler, Techniker und Zuschauer nicht daruber fallen und die Lautsprecher umwerfen konnen. • Unter extremen Bedingungen bei hohen Schalldruckpegeln kann es vorkommen, dass Lautsprecherboxen auf einer glatten Aufstellflache "kriechen

Cerwin-Vega VIS-36

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Elle ne s’applique pas aux produits defectueux qui ont repares ou modifies contrairement aux procedures approuvees; qui ont ete victimes de negligence, d’un mauvais traitement ou d’un accident; qui ont ete endommages par une tension electrique inappropriee; dont le numero de serie a ete partiellement ou entierement altere ou supprime; qui n’ont pas ete utilises conformement a leur usage prevu ou contrairement aux instructions ecrites de Cerwin- Vega. Sauf en cas de disposition contraire dans les

Cerwin-Vega VIS-218

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

Cerwin-Vega agrees to repair or replace (at our option) all such defective parts at no charge for labor or materials. If a defect exists within the warranty period, the warranty will not expire until the defect has been fixed. This Limited Warranty extends only to the original purchaser and only to speakers purchased from authorized Cerwin-Vega dealers. It does not apply to defective equipment that: has been altered or repaired by other than factory approved procedures; has been subjected to neg

Cerwin-Vega VIS-153

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Vous pouvez egalement tenter de placer les haut-parleurs sur un support solide et sans resonance. Si vous utilisez des haut-parleurs VIS-122, essayez de les installer sur des supports. Vous minimiserez ainsi les contacts directs entre le plancher et les haut-parleurs, reduisant par la meme occasion les vibrations. PROTEGER VOS HAUT-PARLEURS Outre les diverses regles de prudence connues de tous comme la necessite de faire attention lors du reglage des niveaux sonores pour eviter de surcharger les

Cerwin-Vega VIS-122

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GARANTIE LIMITEE* F Cerwin-Vega garantit que tous ses produits audio neufs de qualite professionnelle ne presenteront aucun defaut de materiau ou de main-d’oeuvre pendant cinq (5) annees a compter de leur date d’achat. Cerwin-Vega accepte de reparer ou remplacer (a son entiere discretion) tous les composants ne respectant pas cette garantie, sans facturer les frais de pieces et de main-d’oeuvre. Si un defaut apparait dans la periode de garantie, la garantie ne pourra alors pas expirer avant que

Cerwin-Vega VE-285

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

En Cerwin-Vega, los graves profundos y los excelentes agudos son un estilo de vida. Es bueno saber que hay gente por ahi que comparte nuestra pasion por la musica.Y consideramos que usted es el miembro mas nuevo de la familia. Esperamos que disfrute nuestros altavoces por muchos anos. Por supuesto, en caso de haber un problema, asegurese de familiarizarse con esta garantia. Nos gusta pensar que mientras usted se sienta frente a sus altavoces, nosotros estamos detras, respaldandolos.Y ahora, unas

Cerwin-Vega V-MAX 15

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

This control allows the signal to be delayed 180 degrees so the output of the subwoofer will blend in with the main speakers. Slide the PHASE switch to “180”. At the listening position, listen to the midbass output. If it sounds weak, set PHASE back to “0.” POWER LED: Power indicator lamp. Glows green in “ON” mode if audio signal is present. Glows red in both “OFF”mode and “ON ”mode if receiving AC power, and if audio signal is not present after approximately 30 minutes. POWER: Two-position powe

Cerwin-Vega V-5M

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

However, you can optimize the sound potential of your A/V system in the following ways: • Keep the path from the speakers to the viewing area free from obstructions (e.g., furniture, potted plants, etc.). • If the room is ”live” (e.g., plaster walls, wood floors, glass windows, etc.) and produces echoes, try closing the drapes, adding a throw rug, or consider using sound-absorbing panels. • Cerwin-Vega Audio/Video systems can produce intense low frequencies, so don’t be surprised to initially he

Cerwin-Vega V-5C

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As a result of these efforts, modifications may be made from time to time to existing products without prior notice. Specifications and appearance may differ from those listed or shown in this manual. USA: Cerwin-Vega, 9340 De Soto Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Stanton Group Europe: 382 Avenue de la Couronne, 1050 Brussels, Belguim PRIOR TO INSTALLATION Carefully unpack your speaker, saving the box and all of the packing material; at some point you may need to transport, ship, or move your speaker.

Cerwin-Vega V-12S

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

* Refer to the owner’s manual provided by your main speaker manufacturer to determine your main speaker’s low end frequency response. SPECIFICATIONS V-12S V-10S Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB) Woofer Amplifier Power (@0,05% THD) Amplifier Features Protection Video Shielding Weight Dimensions (H x W x D) (inches) (cm) 30 Hz - 150 Hz 12” EX™ Woofer 150 Watts RMS 300 Watts Peak Variable gain and X-O freq.; phase select; LFE in; line level in; speaker level in/out; 110/220AC AC Fuse & Thermal No 44 lb