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Dreamer Design Verve SPT SPT

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After you have finished assembling your stroller keep this booklet for future reference. Please note that if you don't follow the instructions you or your child could be seriously injured. Correct assembly of the stroller is vital and outside of the manufacturer's and distributor's liability. introductionDon't throw your box away! It's good to keep it around so you have it if you need to ship or transport your stroller in the future. Check to make sure you have all the parts and necessary items

Dreamer Design Stroller

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Frequently Asked Questions Q. When can I start using my stroller? A. You should wait until your child is 6-8 weeks of age before using your stroller. As every child develops differently you may want to consult your pediatrician before using your stroller. Always use proper neck and body support for smaller children. Q. How much weight will my stroller hold? A. Your stroller will hold up to 85 pounds of child weight plus 8 pounds of cargo weight. Q. Is my stroller rust proof? A. Your stroller is

Dreamer Design Slingshot RPS

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If you don't have something that is pictured please call our customer service line at 800.278.9626. introductionwatch fingers when folding - folding mechanism could be a pinching hazardTurn the stroller over so the foot plate is down. Lift the stroller by the handle until it clicks. assemblysun canopyAll Weather CoverBike Pump(not pictured) foot plateheight adjustable handlefront quickrelease wheelfork tipsthumb tabsharnesspocketssuspensionRebound GST™ model onlybasketcanopy windowwater bottleho

Dreamer Design Rebound GST

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stationary strapunscrew To remove the sun canopy you will need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from both sides of the canopy. Unsnap the canopy from the back and lift it out. Before washing the canopy, remove the frame. The canopy may be washed in cold water with mild detergent. Place the canopy back on the stroller to dry. bubble sun canopy™ seatThe amount of recline on the seat is adjusted by holding the buckle behind the seat and pull the strap to make the seat more upright. The s

Dreamer Design Rampage

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Always use the safety wrist strap when a passenger is in the stroller. A. Make sure safety wrist strap is secured to the bottom rear axle of the stroller. To secure the strap, lace the larger looped end through the smaller end and tighten around bottom rear axle. B. Place large loop over your hand, resting on your wrist. Simply remove from your wrist when not using the stroller. WARNING I Never leave a passenger unattended and use wrist strap anytime a passenger is in the stroller. J Height

Dreamer Design PreRunner Jog Stroller

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Firmly depress the gray button marked push. Insert the front wheel into axle tube on the front fork. Release button and test wheel is locked in place. If not, try again. The wheel must be firmly locked in place STEP #2 - Install Front Wheel a. PreRunner LX, 20" Wheels b. PreRunner, 16" Wheels CAUTION: DO NOT operate stroller if wheels do not firmly lock in place. Assemble footrest fender as shown in the diagram. Align the heads of the bolts to fit into the matching recesses in the footrest fende

Dreamer Design Exec

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Set the runner kit aside you will install this later. Lay the trailer on the ground with the black fabric side down. Raise the two side frame panels of the trailer. Remove the wheels, top cover, and flag from the trailer seating area. Set these aside you will install these later. Raise the cross bar into place until the hole on the side frame panel and the hole in the cross bar are lined up. Insert the knob through the side frame panel and into the cross bar. Tighten the knob. Warning! Chec

Dreamer Design DuPontTM Velpar

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In the West, results may take one to two years in areas of low rainfall. 9 SPRAY EQUIPMENT When applied as a liquid spray using water as the carrier, DuPont™ VELPAR® DF may be applied by ground equipment or by air (helicopter only). MIXING INSTRUCTIONS For ground application, use enough water for thorough coverage, usually a minimum of 25 gal per acre. For aerial applications, use at least 5 gal of water per acre. SITE PREPARATION - TANK MIXTURES VELPAR® DF PLUS “Tordon 101” MIXTURE For improved

Dreamer Design Ditto RPS

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introductionwatch fingers when folding - folding mechanism could be a pinching hazardLay the stroller flat on the fork tubes, as shown. Remove the rubber protectors from the ends of the forks and thumb tabs. assemblypocketssuspensionRebound GST™ model onlybasketcanopy windowwater bottleholdershand brakeindependently rotatingsun canopiesdual foot platesfront quickrelease wheelfork tipsthumb tabsharnessrear wheelpush buttonAll Weather CoverBike Pump(not pictured) fork tip protectorthumb tab protec

Dreamer Design Axiom 4

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The hand brake, located on the handle, locks the front wheel. The foot brake is located near the basket, on the rear axle. It locks the rear wheels. *You should always use both brakes when the stroller is not being pushed. To lock the hand brake, pull the lever in and hold it while you push the button down. As you hold the button down, release the brake lever. To release the hand brake pull the lever in until the button pops up. To lock the foot brake you simply push it down with your foot.