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Drive Medical Design Odyssey Mobility Scooter

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Category: Mobility Aid

Improper use of the vehicle could result in harm, injury or traffic accidents. Therefore for maximum pleasure while using the vehicle please read this owner’s manual. • This owner’s manual includes operation instructions for every aspect of the vehicle, assembly instructions, as well as instructions for how to deal with possible accidents. • The symbols used in this manual are explained below: Read especially the notes marked with these symbols: WARNING Improper usage could result in serious inj

Drive Medical Design Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair

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Category: Mobility Aid

Surface of the ramp: Is it too slippery? 2. Degree of incline: Is it too steep to attempt alone? 3. Length of ramp: Is it too long for your endurance? 4. Obstacles: Are there any obstacles on the ramp that would necessitate an attendant's assistance? ASSISTANCE IS ALWAYS RECOMMENDED WHEN GOING UP OR DOWN STEEP INCLINES. In order to prevent loss of steering control, or the possibility of tipping over backwards, an attendant is recommended when going up inclines greater than 6°. If it becomes nece