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Dynalink ALE800

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Category: Network Equipment

Preface 3 III. Overview 4 About ADSL 4 Protocol and Device Driver Selection 4 Features 8 Description of the Front Panel LEDs 9 Description of the Rear Panel Connectors 9 IV. USB ADSL Modem Hardware Installation 10 V. Software Installation 11 Before You Start 11 Windows Installation 13 Installing the Driver Software 13 VI. Customizing Communication Settings 19 VII. Updating the USB ADSL Modem Software 20 VIII. The DSL Modem Status 21 IX. Software Uninstall 23 X. Appendix A: Point-to-Point Protoco

Dynalink A 0977A

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Category: Safety Gate

For the full range of compatible devices refer to the device code listing enclosed with this product. The remote control has 4 labelled device keys. These are TV, STB (Set top box), DVD and AUX (Auxiliary). However, any type of device can be programmed into any button. Instructions Install batteries in unit (batteries not supplied - requires 2 x AA cells). The battery compartment is on the rear of the unit. Insert batteries in direction indicated in battery compartment. Code Programming The unit