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Global Machinery Company WTS550

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Category: Saws

Maintenance WARNING. Always ensure that the tool is switched off and the plug is removed from the power point before making and adjustments or maintenance procedures. When you have finished cutting your tiles, always disconnect the power, empty the water and fully clean and dry the machine. Installing a blade DANGER. • Never try to use a blade larger than the stated capacity of the saw. It will come into contact with the blade guard. • Never use a blade that is too thick to allow the outer blade

Global Machinery Company VEC156-AU

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Category: Work and Flash Light

Important. Before you begin charging, ensure that the spotlight trigger switch (1) is in the off position. 1.Plug the DC fused recharge adapter (10) into the recharge port located in front of the trigger switch (5). 2. Insert the power plug into the accessory socket of your power source. The LED indicator (6) will show power and that charging is taking place. 3. Charge for approximately 15 hours max or until the green LED is lit. 4. Disconnect charger from power supply. Unplug the barrel connect

Global Machinery Company ULB2400

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Category: Blower systems

• The operator is responsible for accidents or hazards occuring to other people or their property. • Do not handle the plug or the tool with wet hands and do not use the tool in the rain. • Use only outdoor rated extension leads that are so marked. Keep the extension cord away from heat, oil and sharp edges. • Ensure that the extension lead is secured in a manner that prevents it form disconnecting from the plug whilst in use. • Keep all the air intakes and the blower tube free of dust, lint, ha

Global Machinery Company TVisto

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Category: Media Players

Global Machinery Company TTS5000M

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Category: Saws

11400W TILE AND TRIM CIRCULAR SAW TTS5000M INSTRUCTION MANUAL BlackCyanMagentaYellowCode:TTS5000MDate: 070206Edition: 13Op: DCRBlackCyanMagentaYellowCode:TTS5000MDate: 070206Edition: 13Op: DCR ContentsContents Warranty 2 Introduction 3 Environmental protection 3 Description of symbols 3 Specifications 3 General safety rules 4 Additional safety rules for laser lights 5 Additional safety rules when using water cooling system 6 Additional safety rules for tile and timber cutting saws 6 Testing your

Global Machinery Company TS1800

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Global Machinery Company TRM18V

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5. Do not charge batteries for “top up”. Batteries should be placed on charge only when the battery is noticeably running down or the tool no longer performs a task it previously performed. 6. Unplug the adaptor charger and charging slide when not in use and store them in a dry, secure place. 7. Do not charge your battery pack in temperatures below 0°C or above 40°C. 8. Always remove the battery pack and store it in a dry, secure place when the tool is not in use. 9. Battery charging should only

Global Machinery Company SYT210

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Category: Saws

CAUTION. Make sure that the mounting surface is not warped as an uneven surface can cause binding and inaccurate sawing. Release knob The release knob (6) is provided for holding the cutting head down whilst transporting or storing the mitre saw (fig. E). The saw must never be used with the release knob locking the head down. Slide lock When tightened, the slide lock (22) prevents the saw head from sliding. Tighten the slide lock during transportation (fig. F). Mitre table locks The mitre table

Global Machinery Company ST1800

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Category: Blower systems

If you find anything wrong, do not operate the tool until the parts have been replaced or the fault has been rectified. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury. Preparation of the blower vac prior to use The ST1800 blower vac requires some assembly prior to use for the first time. This includes the fitting of the blow/vac tube to the housing, fitting the chute wheel assembly and the fitting of the collection bag. This section also covers the fitting and removal of the shoulder s

Global Machinery Company SPJ2HM

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Push the on/off switch (2) forward and up over the latching ramp to lock the switch on (fig C). To turn off the tool, press the back of the switch and lift it over the latching ramp (fig D). CAUTION. Allow the blade to come to a complete standstill before setting the jigsaw down. Blade guard The blade guard (6) should always be in position when operating the jigsaw. It can be removed to allow easier access when changing blades (fig E). Blade guide The grooved disc blade guide (7) is spring loade