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Griffin Technology PowerDock Sansa

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Category: Speakers & Subwoofers

The adapter for Sansa e200 series is pre-installed. Insert the appropriate adapter for your Sansa model. For example, if you have a Sansa c250, use the c200 series adapter. The adapters are labeled, on their backs, by Sansa series number. 2. Connect the included USB mini-B cable to PowerDock's mini-USB port. Plug the other end of the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer. PowerDock's blue LED will light up to show that it is connected. 3. Slip your Sansa into PowerDock's cradle

Griffin Technology Final Vinyl Final Vinyl 2.5

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Category: CD Players

Final Vinyl was originally created for use with Griffin iMic, to make it easier to digitize your record collection. But iMic and Final Vinyl have many more uses, besides. iMic Setup Plug your audio device into iMic’s In jack, and plug iMic into an unused USB port on your computer. iMic has a selector switch on the side; for most turntables, this switch should be set to MIC level. If your device has its own preamp, switch to Line. To make sure you are getting signal into your computer: 1. Open Sy