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Hatteras Hammocks Single Cotton Rope Swing

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Category: Baby Accessories

Side View of hanging bracket Topical view of hanging bracket The box should contain: Single Cotton Rope Swing (chain attached) 1 - “S” Hook 1 - Steel Hanging bracket 2 - 5/16 x 2” Hex Head Lag Bolts Assembly Instructions: NOTE: During shipping, the hanging chain may come apart from the swing chains. If this has occurred, lay the swing down and extend the swingchains from each end of the spreader bar toward acenter point. Place the hanging chain above theswing. Attach the hanging chain to the swi

Hatteras Hammocks Hammock Caddy

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Category: Swing Sets

Made to enhance your enjoyment, this caddy can hold your portable phone, glasses, or magazines. Instructions: Attach the fabric straps around the rope braid at the side of the hammock. Care Instructions: Wash in cold water and line dry. For questions or comments with regard to this product call our Consumer Customer Service Line: 800-643-3522 Fax: 252-758-0375 98

Hatteras Hammocks Double Cushioned Swings none

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Category: Swing Sets

Hatteras Hammocks designed the Double Cushioned Swing to be both beautiful and functional using only the highest quality materials. It may be hung from a sturdy limb or beam (strong enough to support at least 450 lbs.) or from one of the swing stands that we offer. We hope you will enjoy years of pleasure and relaxation from this swing. The box contains: 1 - Double Swing Cushion Hardware: 1 - Oak Top Stick (4 sided) 2 -3" x 3/8” Carriage Bolts 1 - Oak Bottom Stick (5 sided) 2 -2 1/2" x 3/8” Carr