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Inline Warehouse IN1130

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Note: Always test your cable(s) prior to any permanent installation. It is imperative that the wired pairs in the IN1124 / IN1130 CAT5 system adhere to the wiring standards shown on the following page, otherwise the system will not function properly. The pertinent standard for INLINE’s CAT5 cable is the TIA 568B. In order for the IN1124 / IN1130 system to function properly, the CAT5 wire pairs (regardless of their color) must be maintained within both RJ45 connectors. 7.) Connect one end of the

Inline Warehouse IN1124

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Category: Audio Players

Refer service to a qualified technician. For Models with Internal or External Fuses: For continued protection against fire hazard, replace only with same type and rating of fuse. Instructions d’installation et de securite Pour les modeles sans interrupteur de courant: La prise de courant d’alimentation sera installe pres de l’equipement et sera accessible. Pour tout les modeles: Pas de composants a entretenir a l’interieur. Confiez toute reparation a un technicien qualifie. Pour les modeles equi