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Integra E5SF1UD

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Category: Blu-Ray Players

3 Use [K/ L] to select your desired setting category, then press [Enter]. : Language : Video : Audio : Parental : Others • For “Parental” menu, follow the procedure on page 49. 4 Use [K/ L] to select your desired setting items. • The setting items which are not available with current situation of this unit will be displayed in gray and you cannot select them. 5 Follow the procedure below depending on the setting items. A) If “B “ does not appear on the right side of the setting items when you hi

Integra DV-SP301

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Category: DVD Players

1 Press AUDIO on the remote controller during playback. 2 Press AUDIO to select the audio language. Notes • 5.1 Channel sound may be displayed as “6ch”. • Before changing the setting, read through the explanation on “Digital Audio Out” on page 33 and carefully select the setting. • Depending on the disc, it may be necessary to select the audio sound track using the DVD menu. When this is the case, press MENU to open the DVD menu and select the appropriate sound track as indicated on the DVD menu

Integra DPS-9.1

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Category: DVD Players

As its name suggests, progressive scan delivers the video image sequentially across the horizontal lines of the TV or monitor rather than the alternating odd and even delivery of an interlace scan. The result is a picture quality that best reflects the quality digital video recorded on the DVD. DVD-V Selecting progressive scan Notes Press PROGRESSIVE on the • In order for this function to be effective, it is necessary to have made remote controller. component video connections to a TV or monitor

Integra DPS-8.3

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Category: DVD Players

Follow the on-screen displays to describe which speakers are in your system and their sizes and positions. Set the size of your speakers in the Size screen. The front left/ right (L/R) speakers have a fixed setting of [Large]. The center (C), left surround (LS) and right surround (RS) speakers can each be set to [Large], [Small] or [Off]. Set a speaker to [Large] if the main speaker cone is 12 cm or more; set to [Small] if the it’s less than 12 cm. Note that the LS and RS speakers cannot be set

Integra DPS-7.3

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Category: DVD Players

Please note that changes to the [TV Screen] setting cannot be made when a disc is playing. Stop playback of the disc before attempting to make any changes. Audiol A2 Videol[V2 Language_|_General TV Screen 4:3(Letter Box) 4:3(Pan&Scan) l16:9(Wide) 16:9(Compressed) reference Video Out (D Select your display [ Move setup | Exit Settings: 4:3 (Letter Box) 4:3 (Pan & Scan) 16:9 (Wide) 16:9 (Compressed) Notes • If you cannot switch the aspect ratio on your Progressive scan compatible TV, s

Integra DPS-7.2

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Category: DVD Players

When the settings appear for each menu option, the currently selected setting appears with the setting indicator highlighted in one of three colors: blue, orange or yellow. These colors correspond to what formats the menu option effects as shown in the table below. Color of indicator Disc format(s) Blue DVD only Orange CD only Green All compatible formats Note If a setting applicable only to DVDs is changed while a Video CD or CD is loaded, a blue DVD icon appears in the upper right hand corner

Integra DPS-6.7

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Category: DVD Players

To start playback from the beginning and delete the last memory point, select “Memory Clear,” and then press [Enter]. DVD-V Remote controller Remote controller Remote controller Yes No Memory Clear Last Memory is set. Start playback from memory location? Remote controller DPS-6.7_En.bookPage39Monday,July31,20063:12PMAdvanced Playback—Continued Deleting Items from the List Editing Steps Notes: •To close the Memory List window, press the [Return] button. • The memory list will be deleted when the

Integra DPS-6.5

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Category: DVD Players

41 Note: • Depending on your TV, the picture may appear dis- torted if the brightness is set too high. If this happens, lower the brightness. 1 Press Setup and select “Video Adjust” from the on-screen display. 2 Make settings using the / / / (cursor) buttons, and Enter. You can adjust the following picture quality settings: • Sharpness – Adjusts the sharpness of edges in the picture (Fine, Stan- dard, Soft). • Brightness – Adjusts the overall brightness (–20 to +20). • Contrast – Adjusts the con

Integra DPS-5.4

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Category: DVD Players

• Use the track skip buttons ( and ) to see the previous / next page of thumbnails. Keep the button pressed if you want to skip several pages; release when you reach the page you want. •To return to the Disc Navigator screen, press Return. 3 Press Enter to display the selected thumbnail full size on screen. The slideshow resumes from the selected picture. Clear 1 2 3 64 5 Repeat A-B Random Play Mode Display Dimmer Menu Setup Top Menu Return Audio Stop Down Up Play Pause Angle Subtitle Zoom Open/

Integra DPS-5.3

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Category: DVD Players

In this case, the mark is displayed. • Time search is not possible with CDs and MP3s. • When performing DVD or Video CD time search, playback may start from a slightly different time than that specified. • Time search is not possible during when the disc is stopped. • Search using time search is not possible during PBC playback of Video CDs. ¦ To perform a direct title or chapter/track search using the number buttons • Press the number buttons while the disc is stopped to select a title or track