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Inter-Tel PRO-FORM 500-CX PATL41106.0

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One target heart rate setting is programmed for each segment. Note: The same target heart rate setting may be programmed for two or more consecutive segments. If pulse program 1, 3, or 4 is selected, the target heart rate setting for the first segment will be shown in the flashing Current Segment column of the matrix. The target heart rate settings for the next several segments will be shown in the columns to the right. When only three seconds remain in the first segment of the program, both the

Inter-Tel AXXESS 8660

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If the extension number is not available, you will have the option of leaving voice mail. If the telephone number is not available, you cannot reply to the message. • Press 3 to forward a copy of the message to another subscriber. If you want to include an introduction, press 1 . If not, press # to forward the message without additional comments. • Press 4 5 to listen to the previous message. • Press to play the introductory message envelope (see page 47 for information on envelope options). • P

Inter-Tel AXXESS 8560

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Category: Phones

PLACING AN INTERCOM CALL 1. With or without the handset lifted, dial an extension number. 2. If your call goes through handsfree to the called phone’s speaker, speak after you hear a double tone. If you hear continuous ringing, wait for the call to be answered. ANSWERING AN INTERCOM CALL To answer an intercom call that comes in through your speakerphone: EITHER, Respond handsfree. OR, Lift the handset for privacy. To answer a ringing (non-handsfree) intercom call: EITHER, Lift the handset for pr

Inter-Tel 8622

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Category: Answerphones

Then press ^ (LEAVE), and then press ^ (VMAIL). • Press oo □ B. 2. Dial the extension number. 3. Leave your voice mail message, and then hang up. To listen to a voice mail message: 1. While the handset is on-hook, press the flashing ImessageH button. Then lift the handset if desired. 2. If there is more than one message, press I# 4i)l to scroll through the messages. 3. Press □ to connect to your mailbox, enter your password, and then press □. TIP To avoid entering your password each tim

Inter-Tel 8520

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Intercom Calls Your extension number allows other people to place intercom calls to you, without dialing any extra codes. And, because every endpoint in your telephone system is assigned an extension number, you can call other people in your system quickly and easily. NOTE: Ask your system administrator for a list of extensions. Placing Intercom Calls To place an intercom call: 1. With or without the handset lifted, dial an extension number. 2. If your call goes through handsfree to an endpoint’

Inter-Tel 831.10507

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831.105070 Serial No. Write the serial number in the space above for reference. The serial number decal is on the frame behind the access cover. QUESTIONS? As a manufacturer, we are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction. If you have questions, or if there are missing parts, we will guarantee complete satisfaction through direct assistance from our factory. If you require SERVICE for this product, please call SEARS 1-800-4MYHOME (469-4663), or SEARS 1-877-LEFOYER (5336937) 24 hour