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Kenmore WaterWorks RO 2000

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Category: Water Systems

Locate clamp A (turn handle in to align pin if pre- drilled hole) and clamp B on the pipe. Fasten in place using 2 screws. Tighten each screw evenly, STEP 2 --INSTALL THE • Before beginning, be sure to read the note on page 5. • The drain adapter fits 1-1/2" sink drain pipe. • The adapter installs directly onto the s(nk tailpiece as typically shown in fig. A and B. • Locate so drain tubing from the faucet (FIG. 7, page 10) makes a straight run to the adapter, without dips, loops, low spots or ki

Kenmore ULTRASOFT 425

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Category: Water Systems

If you have questions when installing, operating or maintaining your softener, and when setting the timer, call this toll-free number... 1-800-426-9345 M-F,7am -8pm, CST For repair or replacement parts, call this toll-free number... 1-800-366-7278 See back cover for other Sears service numbers. SAVE THIS MANUAL Sears, Roebuck and Co., PRINTEDIN U.S.A. UltraSoft Water Softeners with High Performance _i,Warranty Valve _i, Start Up / Setting _i, How It Works Timer _i, Care Of _i, Specifications _i,

Kenmore ULTRASOFT 400 625.38845

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Kenmore ULTRASOFT 400 625.3884

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Kenmore ULTRASOFT 250 625.38827

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Category: Water Systems

Nozzle & Ventud _ _,/ 1) Turn off the cap from the nozzle and venturi housing. Gasket __ iereen 2) Lift out the screen support and screen, do not lose the large o-ring seal. tered directly over the small 3) Then the nozzle and venturi. Wash and rinse the holes in the nozzle & venturi parts in warm water unti! clean. If needed, use a housing. small brush to remove iron or dirt. Also check and *Flow Plug (HVDC) clean the gasket, flow plugs and screens. Nozzle & Ventud Housing Carefully replace all

Kenmore ULTRASOFT 250 625.38826

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Category: Water Systems

The computer While an error code appears in the display, all face plate buttons are inoperable except the SELECT but- monitors electronic components I and circuits for correct opera-_l-I-I ton. SELECT remains operational so the service pertion, If a malfunction occurs, an son can make the MANUAL INITIATED ELEC L error code appears in the face-TRONIC DIAGNOSTICS (below) to further isolate _late display, the defect, and check the water meter. POSSIBLE DEFECT MOST LIKELY _ _ LESS LIKELY CODE Err1,

Kenmore ULTRASOFT 180

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Category: Water Systems

This softener is shipped in the OFF RECHARGE button. RECHARGE R_,.aR_ TONIGIHT setting. To turn this setting to ON, press and holdthe SELECT button until the display shows 000--. Then TONIGHT flashes in the display, _:.._ ,_-_ press (do not hold) the SELECT button again. Use the and the softener begins regenera- UP arrow to turn ON. Press SELECT to enter and re tion at the next preset recharge time. Press and return to normal running screen. The efficiency icon lease the RECHARGE button once mor

Kenmore UltraSoft 100 625.388150, 150 625.388160

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Category: Water Systems

It will not remove other types of iron, acids, tastes and odors, etc. It will not purify polluted water or make it safe to drink. ▲ Protect the softener and piping from freezing. Damage from freezing voids the softener warranty. See page 3-3. CAUTIONS PLEASE READ AND COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING GUIDES TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO THE SOFTENER OR OTHER PROPERTY, PERSONAL INJURY, OR POSSIBLE FATAL SHOCK. ▲ THIS SOFTENER WORKS ON 24 VOLTS ONLY. BE SURE TO USE ONLY THE TRANSFORMER INCLUDED, AND PLUG IT IN

Kenmore ULTRAFILTER 650 625.38556

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Category: Water Systems

The minerals and impurities are measured in water as total dissolved solids (TDS). The system includes replaceable pre and postfilter sediment- carbon cartridges. The prefilter reduces sand, silt, dirt, rust particles, other sediments, and chlorine from the water supply before it can enter the RO membrane. PLAN YOUR INSTALLATION it is recommended to read through the entire manual before beginning your installation. Follow all steps exactly. Reading this manual will also help you get all the bene

Kenmore TRUE HEPA 106.83202

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Category: Air Cleaners

NOTE: Before operating air cleaner, record date of installation on HEPA filter so you can replace it annually. To remove and replace HEPA filter, see the "Filter Replacement" section. Using the Controls Power On/Off 1. Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet. 2. Press POWER ON/OFF to start the air cleaner. 3. Press FAN SPEED to select desired speed. 4. Press POWER ON/OFF to stop the air cleaner. Sleep Press SLEEP/LOCK to set the fan speed to Low for 8 hours. The air cleaner will then return to the p