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Kidde XL2.5MP

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The Kidde Group comprises three divisions: Aerospace & Specialist Equipment, Residential & Commercial Fire Protection and Industrial Fire Protection and has operating companies in 29 countries together with worldwide distribution for its products and systems. Kidde Residential & Commercial is the world's leading manufacturer of home safety products, including fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms and fire escape ladders. Kidde Residential and Commercial Division 1394 South T

Kidde SS041

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Clear log to reset 20% or less remaining. When full the instrument will start overwriting the old data. Contact HSS Hire if the downloaded log is required. 32 Gas log nearly full. Clear log to reset 20% or less remaining. When full the instrument will start overwriting the old data. Warning Codes Number Message Action or Reason 12 Check batteries Mixed battery types, i.e. one dry cell, one rechargeable. Fit two of the same type. 13 Battery empty. Check batteries Battery too low to operate instru

Kidde Pro line

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Your local distributor can be located in the phone book yellow pages, by contacting Kidde directly at (1-800-8806788) or by logging on to 2 Introduction This manual is designed as a guide to service personnel in the performance of operation, after use, inspection, maintenance, service and recharge of Kidde dry chemical hand portable fire extinguishers. These instructions are written and intended to be used by those personnel already familiar with standard industry fire extinguisher safety proced

Kidde PE120CA

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Using this pin will deter children and others from removing the alarm from the mounting plate. To use the pin, insert it into the hole in the side of the alarm after the alarm has been installed on the mounting plate (Image 4D). NOTE: The tamper-resistant pin will have to be removed in order to change the battery (models 1275CA and PE120CA). Use long nose pliers to pull the pin out of the hole. It is now possible to remove the alarm from the mounting plate. Operation Hush® Control Feature Model

Kidde P/N 900-0120

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The red LED (Alarm) will flash the same pattern. WARNING: For alarms equipped with 9V battery backup, when powered by battery backup the alarm will sound and flash only once every conserve battery life. If this unit is interconnected with other Kidde the amber LED (Initiating Alarm) of the unit which first detected the CO, will light and remain on until The other interconnected CO alarms will also alarm to warn you that CO was detected. Fire Alarm Indicator When an interconnected Kidde smoke ala


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Kidde KN-COPP-B-LS (900-0230)

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The number on the display will turn to “0”, the memory will be cleared and the alarm will begin monitoring for CO. The Peak Level memory is also reset when the unit loses power. Sample Peak Level Reading 7. Alarm Characteristics Carbon Monoxide Alarm Indicator When the alarm senses a dangerous level of CO, the unit will emit a loud alarm pattern. The alarm pattern is 4 quick beeps followed by 5 seconds of silence, repeating for 4 minutes – and then 4 quick beeps once every minute as long as dang


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• Never use detergents or other solvents to clean the CO alarm. • Avoid spraying air fresheners, hair spray, paint or other aerosols near the CO alarm. • Do not paint the CO alarm. Paint will seal the vents and interfere with the sensor ability to detect CO. • Do not place near a diaper pail. Caring for your Kidde Battery PoweredCO Alarm (cont.) Move the CO alarm and place in another location prior to performing any of the following: • Staining or stripping wood floors or furniture • Painting •

Kidde KN-COPP-3-RC

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Observe the alarm weekly to make sure the red dot is blink ing, indicating normal operation. If the dot is not blinking, unplug the alarm, then plug it in again. This will clear the alarm for restart. If the dot does Blinking Dot not resume blinking, your alarm may be malfunctioning. To test the alarm, press the Test/Reset button. If the unit is operating properly, you should notice the following: • The display shows three eights , and then shows a number (usually around 200). You will then hear