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Kramer Electronics VA-14

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Category: Musical Instruments

In recent years, we have redesigned and upgraded most of our line, making the best even better! Our 500-plus different models now appear in 8 Groups1, which are clearly defined by function. Congratulations on purchasing your Kramer VA-14, which is ideal for: n Live stage and studio audio mixing n Presentation systems and press conferences n Post production in video/audio studios The package includes the following items: n VA-14 4x1 Balanced Audio Mixer n Power adapter (12V DC Input) n This user

Kramer Electronics 401DXL

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Category: Boats Accessories

PN: 2900-009004 Table Of Contents Section Name Page 1 INTRODUCTION 3 1.1 A Word on Format Interfaces 3 1.2 Factors Affecting Quality of Results 4 2 SPECIFICATIONS 4 3 HOW DO I GET STARTED? 5 4 UNPACKING AND CONTENTS 5 4.1 Optional Accessories 5 5 COMPOSITE TO Y/C DECODER / SWITCHER 6 5.1 Getting to Know your 401Dxl 6 6 INSTALLATION 7 6.1 Rack Munting 7 7. CONNECTING TO VIDEO DEVICES 7 8. USING THE MACHINE 7 8.1 Turning On the Machine 7 8.2 Composite / YC Video Selection 7 9. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS