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K-Tec Total Blender

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30182044, 3018204-2 & 3018204-3). 1.2 TOTAL BLENDER CERTIFICATION TOTAL BLENDER and its accessories are certified by NSF International (NSF), under the letter K (for K-TEC) in the NSF Official Listing. 1.3 AVOID CONTACT WITH MOVING PARTS • Keep fingers, hands, hair and clothing away from all moving parts. • Keep all utensils away from the drive socket and blender blades during operation. Metal utensils will damage blades. • NEVER put hands into blender jar or add substances by hand when the blen

K-Tec HP3A

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Using the SELECT CYCLE MENU and UP/DOWN arrows navigate to the cycle you wish to program onto the preset. When the name of the desired cycle appears on the LED display, press and hold the desired preset button for two seconds. The display will change to read the name of the existing cycle on the preset, then change to read “ProgrammingBttnX” where “X” is the number of the preset. When the programming is complete, the blender will beep twice and the display will read “Program Complete”. The blend