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La Pavoni PL-16

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As the froth rises slowly lower the cup, always staying even with the top of the milk surface. Adjust the pressure of the steam via the steam knob. Close the knob before removing cup as not to make a mess. 4 Steaming using the cappuccino automatic device: To Mount: The steam knob should be in the closed position. Remove the plated steam arm, (use a towel as it may be warm to the touch if previously used) by turning up and pulling outward. Replace with the black aerator cup by pushing in. Place t

La Pavoni PAB-16

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Category: Coffee Grinders

We also recommend bottled water as tap water may cause a build-up of calcium over time. 1. SET UP OPERATION: PRIMING YOUR MACHINE: IMPORTANT! This 30 second operation is necessary when first using your la Pavoni or when the machine is not used for an extended period of time (up to 5 days) or if you allow the water tank to run dry during operation. This priming procedure will eliminate any air that may have formed in the pump. When used daily, it is not necessary to perform this function before e

La Pavoni P300

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00 ENG - Ottobre 2008 P300Cod. 2850012 - Rev. 00 ENG - Ottobre 2008 INDEX Technical characteristics ----------------------- 3 Installation ---------------------------------------- 4 Operating ----------------------------------------- 7 Programmation----------------------------------- 8 frequent menu --------------------------- 8 set drinks --------------------------------- 9 set prices---------------------------------- 10 counters & amounts--------------------- 11 events ------------------------

La Pavoni P180

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50 Hz or 120 Vac. 60Hz on request Absorbed power: 1,7 KW Selections: 9 selections.with 2 sugar sekections Payment systems options: 12 VAC or 24 VAC coin acceptors Executive / MDB (optional kit) Pag. 2 Pag. 31 Pag. 30 GRINDER You can adjust the quantity of ground coffee through a screw (2); the more you unscrew it, the more the quantity increases. If you want to adjust the grinding degree, first you have to push the catch (6), then you have to screw clockwise the grind-stone holder (1)

La Pavoni LP30

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All of these visualizations, and other eventual warning signs that can appear in particular situations, appear in sequence and with a time programmable from the "Time visualiz. Status” parameter. A characteristic of the board is that to alternate the previous sequence of the status scheme with a certain number of “Spots” . These are full screen graphic images which can be designed using any graphic program on a PC. You will need to create a file for each Spot of the BITMAP type, monochrome with

La Pavoni LP25

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lapavoni. com LP25 / LP30 Istruzioni per I'uso operating instructions mode d'emploi gebrauchsanweisung instrucciones de uso “la Pavoni ® Dal 1905 macchine per caffé General Characteristics Sales of products The board is predisposed for direct connection to a maximum of 8 trays with 9 spirals per tray. The correct dispensing of the product is assured by the patented system which controls the rotation of the spirals at 360° + X°-X° where X is programmable for each spiral. The graphic di