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If they do not operate continuously, then interlocking them electrically with the TFP is acceptable. Consult a certified electrician. WHOLEHOUSE AND PORTABLECONSOLE MODELS ATTENTION The TFP can be installed in several different ways. Please read all suggested methods before attempting installation. Electrical The TFP is equipped with a standard power supply, on a 5’ 5” cable. Lighted ON/OFF switch. * LEAVE FOR HOMEOWNER NOTE: Due to ongoing research and product development, specifications, ratin

Lifebreath TFP2000

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4. A short piece (1-2 foot) of flexible ducting should be used on both sides of the TFP (Fig. 3). This will reduce vibration and noise transfer if present. NOTE: Please refer to the HRV installation manual for proper ducting of that appliance. Type 2 Installation *“Breathing T” is designed to assist in neutralizing pressure differences which can occur between HRV and TFP when joined together. TFP Hanging straps (4) Relief opening (breathing T) 6" port collars Power cord Flexible ducting Air flow

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Step 6 Connect tubes to door ports as illustrated in Step 6. (record readings). Fresh Air Stale Air Step 5 Step 6 Measuring Fresh Air Side (Always connect left side port Measuring Stale Air Side (Always connect left side port first). first). 10203040706070809010001020304070607080901000 Note: It is normal practice to lightly tap gauge if reading is non-responsive. Step 7 Damper airflows as required. Step 8 Repeat Steps 5 and 6 as required to confirm airflows 26 Air Flow Balancing using the Door P

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EXHAUST AIR from various parts of home. i.e. bathrooms (if required), kitchens (if required). Cool Air Return NOTES: 1. Furnace blower is recommended to operate when HRV is on to provide good air distribution. 2. Weatherhood arrangement is for drawing purposes only. 6' (2 m) minimum separation required. 18" (460 mm) above grade minimum. 3. Due to the differences in pressure between the HRV and the equipment it is being connected to, the HRV's airflow must be confirmed on site, using the balancin

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Changing OFF to STANDBY Figure 1 -Factory DIP Switch Settings The factory setting of the DIP switches (located on the circuit board) provides continuous low speed ventilation. Optional Remote Controls will initiate high speed ventilation. Remote controls with an ON/OFF switch (refer to "Remote Control Devices" in this manual) will shut the entire system down when the remote control is in the OFF position. Changing the remote control from OFF to STANDBY can be achieved by Setting the DIP Switch a

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ALL DUCT COLLARS ARE 5” (127 mm) DIAMETER Option2-Vertical Duct Configuration Dimensions inches The HRV can be installed horizontally or vertically as illustrated Sufficient clearance below the access door is required for on the following pages. The unit should be suspended using the servicing the air filters and core. A minimum of 25" (635mm) provided hanging straps. The unit must be level for proper clearance is recommended so the door can be removed. Four condensate drainage. PVC reinforced p

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OPTIONAL MAIN CONTROLS (only one main control can be installed on the system) 99-116 Dehumidistat Ventilation Control - Dehumidistat Dial, ON/OFF Switch and LOW/HIGH Switch (3 wire) 20 gauge wire (min.) 100' length (max.) Performance (HVI certified) Net supply air flow in cfm (L/s) against external static pressure E.S.P (external static pressure) [cfm (L/s)] @ 0.1" (25 Pa) 214 (101) @ 0.2" (50 Pa) 206 (97) @ 0.3" (75 Pa) 193 (91) @ 0.4" (100 Pa) 184 (87) @ 0.5" (125 Pa) 170 (80) @ 0.6" (150 Pa)

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bedrooms, living room, rec. room etc. Field-supplied Balancing Damper (optional) STALE AIRfrom various parts of home. i.e. bathrooms (if required), kitchens (if required). Defrost air port needs to be drawn from clean area without combustion appliances. To avoid backdrafting of combustion products, never draw defrost air from a room with a naturally aspirated appliance, i.e. furnace, hot water heater, gas dryer, stove, fire place etc. CAUTION Weather hood arrangement - requires a minimum of 6' (

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The HRV cabinet has prepunched holes for the drain (see below). Insert the drain spout through the hole in the drain pan. Do not forget the “O ring” which seals each spout to the pan REMEMBER TO HAND TIGHTEN ONLY the washer and lock nut which hold the drain spout in place. Construct a P-Trap using the plastic tee connector. Cut two lengths of hose and connect each piece to an end of the “T” fitting, then connect the other ends to the two drain spouts. Position the “T” fitting to point upward and

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During the air conditioning season, the HRV will help cool the incoming fresh air with the cooler stale exhausting air. RNC Electronics RNC electronics offers standard 2-speed operation of low/high. There is also an installer selectable 2-speed operation of medium low/high (refer to "Increasing Low Speed to Medium Low" in this manual). The RNC circuit board also includes an interlock relay which is used to Interlock the HRV to an Air Handler/Furnace. Refer to "Interlocking HRV Operation to an Ai