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Little Wonder Xtra

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Category: Lawn Mowers

5,826,667. Other US patents pending. Design registrations Granted in USA, Australia, Japan, Great Britain Patent Pending on Cross-Blade System. IMPROPER USE CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY MAKE SURE THIS MANUAL IS READ AND CAREFULLY UNDERSTOOD BEFORE STARTING OR OPERATING THIS EQUIPMENT IMPORTANT MANUAL – DO NOT THROW AWAY Manual always to be available for reference or instructing new operators SUPERVISORS, THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ©2003, LITTLE WONDER, Div. Schiller-Pfeiffer, Inc. CONTENTS This pro

Little Wonder TSS-20

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Category: Blower systems

To give the fingers a new square raking edge, remove the end plates and turn the entire main shaft assembly 180° and replace it on the Turf Rake. NOTE: Use Pro-Lock (retaining 1, medium strength) on the 7” pulley on the main shaft. To prolong the life of the main shaft, extra holes are provided. If the circular holes holding the satellite shafts become distorted, rotate all four satellite shafts to the next set of holes. Seeding/Multipurpose Height The seeding/multipurpose blades are used for cu

Little Wonder TRS-20

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Category: Blower systems

Move away from the area of the spill and avoid creating any source of ignition until fuel vapors have dissipated. OPERATIONAL SAFETY 1. Carefully read and follow all caution stickers. 2. Operate only in daylight or good artificial light. 3. Do not operate machine unless all guards, shields and covers are in place and in proper working condition. 4. It is essential all operator safety mechanisms be connected and in operating condition prior to use. 5. Do not change the engine governor settings or

Little Wonder Tiller/Cultivator

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Category: Garden Tools

6. With engine running, and both hands on the handles, press the throttle lock out button (Picture 1), then squeeze the throttle lever gradually to increase the engine speed and engage the tines. NOTE: Once the throttle lever is squeezed, you can release the lockout button. (Picture 2) NOTE: Step #6 must be repeated each time your tiller trigger is released. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ! WARNING • DANGER ! IF ENGINE DOES NOT STOP WHEN SWITCH IS PUT IN THE STOP POSITION, RELEASE THE THROTTLE, ALLOW EN

Little Wonder Surburban High Output Blower

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Category: Blower systems

Key # 2 5 14 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 58 Part # 114C 114B 910916 910914 946 910301 900301 900302 179 910526 972 920300 312 405-1 932-1 916-2 163 920007 920009 942 129D 113 934B Description 5/16-18 Nylon Insert Nut 5/16-18 Serrated Flanged Lock Nut 5 HP Honda Engine Honda 6 HP Engine Briggs Throttle Clip Throttle Cable Upper Handle Grip (set of 2) 1/4-20 x 1 3/4 HHCS gr5 10-32 x 3/4 Self tapping Sheet Metal Screw 1/4-20 2-Way Lock Nut Pneumatic Wheel Offset,12" DIA

Little Wonder SINGLE EDGED 3022

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Category: Chainsaws

Transportation charges for parts and units submitted for replacement under this warranty must be borne by the purchaser. THIS WARRANTY shall not be effective if the product has been subject to misuse, negligence or accident, used in cutting hedges or shrubs greater than 1/2" in diameter, used to cut foreign objects such as wire, rocks, or fences, or if the product has been repaired or altered outside of our Southampton factory or any registered Little Wonder dealer, in any respect which affects

Little Wonder SINGLE EDGED 3020

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Category: Chainsaws

Part number 310111 must be used with part number 310112, and likewise part number 310112 can only be used with part number 310111. Double Edge Front Loop Handle Assembly Single Edge Front Handle Assembly 12 KEY # PART # DESCRIPTION QTY. 1 3033 1 2 310405 1 3 310219 1 4 310203 1 5 310207 1 6 310504 3 7 310500 2 8 310218 1 Switch Normally Open Switch Normally Closed Loop Handle Trigger Set Loop Handle Set Shield Screw Plasti-Tite #8 x 1” Screw Plasti-Tite #8 x 3/4” Loop Handle Trigger Strap KEY #

Little Wonder SINGLE EDGED 3012

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Category: Chainsaws

1 310100 1 2 16-54B 7 2 16-54B 6 2 16-54B 5 3 300300 1 4 NA 1 5 310325 1 5 310320 1 5 310315 1 6 30-2D 1 6 24-2D 1 6 19-2D 1 7 30-1D 1 7 24-1D 1 7 19-1D 1 8 30-42 1 8 24-42 1 8 19-42 1 9 16-54A 4 9 16-54A 3 9 16-54A 2 10 310500 2 11 310505 1 Gear Housing Assembly (including pressed in pins) Nut Lock 1/4-28 whiz Flange (for models 3020, 3022) 30” DE Nut Lock 1/4-28 whiz Flange (for models 2420, 2422) 24” DE Nut Lock 1/4-28 whiz Flange (for models 1920, 1922) 19” DE Frame Bar Support Loop Handle A

Little Wonder SINGLE EDGED 3010

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Category: Chainsaws

Use only Lubrico M3-3K9K grease (P/N 16-78A) in the gear housing. Lubrico M24M (P/N 16-78B) is to be used on the motor bearings. Lubrico is available through your local Little Wonder Dealer. 5. Before each use, inspect to be sure handles, safety devices and fasteners are secure and in place, and cord is not frayed. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. A. LUBRICATION AND MAINTENANCE WARN

Little Wonder SINGLE EDGED 2422

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Category: Chainsaws

The use of light gauge lamp cords or sizes lighter than those specified above will result in loss of power, possible motor failure, overheating of cord and the possibility of fire. 6. Warning! These trimmers have been designed so they can only be operated when using both hands. Do not attempt to override this important safety feature in any way. 7. Hold trimmer firmly. For Single Edge Model, keep right hand on side handle and left hand on rear handle. For Double Edge Model, you can place either