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Lux Products PSP711CC Series

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Category: Air Cleaners

Before removing any wiring from your existing thermostat, its wires must be labeled with their terminal designations. Ignore the color of the wires since they may not comply with any standard. PSP711CC SERIES SMART TEMP® ELECTRONIC THERMOSTAT HEAT OFF COOL SET SUNDAY WEEKDAY PROGRAM SET DAY/TIME PM Installs Easily Set Day and Time Choose Heat or Cool Easy as 1–2–3 Complete, Easy To Read INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS CONNECTING THE WIRES 5. Wires must be trapped between black clamp and

Lux Products LV1

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Category: Electric Heaters

Do not attempt to install these unless you are completely familiar with house wiring. If proper precautions are not followed, a risk of electric shock may exist, possibly causing severe injury or death. Disconnect power supply prior to removing existing thermostat or installing this one. Do not connect to voltages different than the ratings listed above. NOTE: The LV2 Double Pole heating only model may also be used in Single Pole applications, however only the LINE 1 and LOAD 1 terminals must be


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Category: Bathroom Aids

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: If this unit fails because of defects in materials or workmanship within the lifetime of the product, LUX will, at its option, repair or replace it. This warranty does not cover damage by accident, misuse, alteration, or failure to follow installation instructions. Please return malfunctioning or defective units to the location from which the purchase was made, along with proof of purchase. Please refer to “TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE” before returning grab bar. Purchaser ass


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Category: Bathroom Aids

This will allow the screw to have a good grip into the wood studs. NOTE: If mounting to a surface that will be in direct contact with water, it is advisable to apply a sufficient quantity of silicone caulk around (and inside) each mounting hole, to prevent water entry into the wall cavity. 4. With all of the holes drilled, start all screws in their holes before tightening any one screw all the way in. Gradually tighten all screws, stopping just prior to being snug. This will allow for minor re-p


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Category: Bathroom Aids

Please refer to the flange shown, and use the following hole pairings as a guide for hole selection: For Diagonal Mounting: Use holes (1/2 & 5), or (3 & 6/7) For Vertical Mounting: Use holes (1 & 4), or (4 & 7) For Horizontal Mounting: Use holes (2 & 6), or (3 & 5) 3. If mounting the grab bar to ceramic tile, first drill holes into the TILE ONLY that are slightly larger then the threads on the screws, without drilling into the studs. (This will help prevent the mounting screws from cracking the


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Category: Bathroom Aids

This grab bar is intended to provide maneuvering assistance and stability only, and should not be utilized to support the entire weight of a person. Failure to properly adhere to these instructions may result in serious or fatal injury. ATTENTION: Please read this entire installation manual before marking or drilling into your wall to avoid causing unnecessary blemishes to the wall surface. The grab bar MUST be mounted into the studs to ensure a safe and secure fastening. If you are unable to po