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Morphy Richards TURBOSTEAM RN40630 MUK REV2

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Category: Irons

Symbol (120°C Max) Cool (160°C Max) Warm (210°C Max) Hot ‘Max’ Setting Control knob Do not iron positions at all Fabric Silk, Nylon, Acetates e.g. Acrilan Courtelle, Orlon Wool, Polyester mixtures e.g. Polyester/Cotton Triacetates, e.g. Tricel/Polyester Cotton, Linen Rayon, Rayon mixtures, e.g. Rayon/Linen Ironing Iron on wrong side, if moisture required use damp cloth (Not Acetate) Fabrics requiring this setting usually require steam pressing for heavy cotton, denim etc. With water in tank Stea

Morphy Richards TURBOSTEAM RN40513

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Category: Irons

During use, the no drip system may emit a loud click, particularly during heat-up or whilst cooling down. This is perfectly normal and indicates that the system is functioning correctly. Emptying and Storing When you have finished ironing, unplug your iron. Ensure that the variable steam control is set at the “0” position, remove the fill cap and empty any remaining water out of the filling hole G. Do not store in the box, but in an upright position H, so that any drops of water remaining cannot

Morphy Richards TURBOSTEAM IRON RN40514 MUK REV 1

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Category: Irons

(UK and Ireland customers only) Turbosteam iron steam/spray/shot Please read and keep these instructions Getting the best from your new iron.... Safety first Caution must be used when handling this appliance as it does get very hot. Always switch off the unit and allow to cool before cleaning or storing. ! ! To improve the life of your new product and to ensure the cleanliness of your clothes, we strongly recommend the use of distilled or demineralised water. RN40514 MUK Rev 1 If you have a prob

Morphy Richards Turbo steam iron steam

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Category: Irons

Press the shot of steam button about 10 times in succession. After this cleaning operation, empty out any remaining water. WARNING: Do not attempt to descale the soleplate with descaling products. To clean a stainless steel soleplate (certain models only) To keep the soleplate of your iron clean and free of limescale, we recommend that you use one of the gentle chrome, silver or stainless steel cleaners that are generally available. Always follow the manufacturers instructions. To clean off melt

Morphy Richards Turbo steam iron

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Category: Irons

•WARNING: when not in use, your iron should never be placed flat and left on an ironing board. •To prevent damage to the textile being ironed, follow the temperature guide carefully. (Test the inside of the hem of the garment). • When ironing is complete, remove the plug from the socket, empty any remaining water from the tank, and allow to cool before storage. • If you drop or severely knock your iron this could cause internal damage even if the outside appears alright. Have it checked by a qua

Morphy Richards Steam Generator

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Category: Irons

It will be accompanied by a clicking noise which is quite normal. 8 Begin first time ironing with an old towel. It takes one minute to reach the required temperature. 9 Press the steam button for steam ironing. 10 To switch the unit off, turn the power switch on the base unit to ‘O’ (OFF). Dry ironing 1 Connect the appliance to a suitable mains outlet. 2 Turn the temperature dial on the iron in a clockwise direction, select dot-1, dot-2 or dot-3 according to the recommendation of the garment lab

Morphy Richards STEAM FAST SP-660

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Category: Irons

See page 8 of this manual for more specific pressing tips. 7. Once pressing tasks are complete, immediately set On/Off Switch to “Off” (O) position and unplug grounded power cord from electrical outlet. Refer to page 9 of this manual for further information about cleaning and storage of Fabric Steam Press. 7 Top Innovations, Inc. USING THE FABRIC STEAM PRESS USING THE FABRIC STEAM PRESS STEAM BURST 1. Hold Pressing Plate approximately 75 mm. above Ironing Board. 2. Press Steam Burst Button to re

Morphy Richards Stainless steel steamer

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Category: Food Steamers

Slit down the belly and remove the guts. Wash each fish throughly nder running cold water, then pat dry with kitchen paper. 2 Mix all the marinade ingrediants together. Place the fish in the shallow dish and pour the marinade over the top. Leave in a cool place for at least 30 minutes. 3 Remove the fish from the marinade and place in the bottom tier. Steam for 18-20 minutes. Preparation time 15 minutes, plus marinating. Cooking time 18-20 minutes Steamed chicken pepper and limeskewers (serves 4)

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

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Category: Other Kitchen Appliances

Add the beef and brown on all sides. Add all the remaining ingredients except the parsley and bring to a simmer. Transfer all the ingredients into the ceramic pot and place the pot into the slow cooker base. Place the lid into the slow cooker. Cook for approximately 31/2-71/2 hours. Before serving, remove the bay leaf and sprinkle with parsley. Beef stock 200ml 400ml Can of tomatoes, roughly chopped 200g 400g Red wine (optional) 200ml 400ml Worcestershire sauce 3 tsp 5 tsp Pinch of grated nutmeg

Morphy Richards SF-777

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Category: Irons

You must WAIT for the light to go ON and then OFF again before continuing to ensure the soleplate of the iron is not too hot. FOR MORE INFORMATION on the types of fabrics ironed in various settings please refer to the Fabric Chart on page 11. Because The SteamJet Station Iron produces a burst of steam greater than normal irons, it can be used vertically as well as horizontally. Clearing & Cleaning the Appliance To CLEAR the iron if clogged or prior to storing: STEP ONE Turn the Temperature Contr