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Novatel SMARTV1G

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Abbreviated ASCII is the best format to use when you wish to work with the receiver directly. For data collection, use ASCII or Binary. • Press Enter to send the command string to the receiver. • The commands are not case sensitive. The OEMV Family Quick Reference Guide provided with the receiver lists the available commands and the parameters they use for the Abbreviated ASCII format. LOGGING DATA An extensive collection of logs has been created to capture the data your SMART-V1/V1G receives an

Novatel SMART-V1

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Category: Radios

For more detailed information on the installation and operation of your receiver, please refer to the OEMV user manuals. The manuals and their latest updates may be found on our website at: SMART-V1/V1G BOX CONTENTS Accompanying this quick start guide, the following are also provided with your SMART-V1/V1G: • 1 CD containing: • An installation program for NovAtel’s Control and Display Unit (CDU) graphical user interface software • Product documentation, including user manuals • 1 User Manuals po