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3) Press the timer-on button again, and the set up is cancelled. 4) If the on/off button is pressed while the unit is under the timer on setting, the unit will start immediately. The timer setting is at that point cancelled. Timer-Off Switch 1) When the heater is on, press the timer-on button to set time for the timer-on switch. Press the button once to change the time interval of 1 hour in a cyclic manner of 1,2,...24,1,2 (The display shows the previous time as the starting time of the present

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Product code plate affixed to the individual unit reflects the specifications of the individual unit. Page 8 Premier Heat Pumps – Water Heater and Chiller Manual 3 - Installation 3-1 Locating the Unit It is important to install the hot water heat pump in accordance with the following instructions. Water and electrical connections must be carried out by a suitably qualified tradesman or installer • The appliance must be installed outside. • The appliance must be mounted on its anti-vibratory stud

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2) Important: Please fully read the installation instructions prior to installation. Installation should only be carried out by suitably qualified electrician and/or authorised installer. These instructions should be retained for future reference. 3) Standards of Installation: The installation must be carried out in accordance with the applicable local safety and installation standards. The installation must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions; a person qualified i

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greener. introduction Premier Building System’s SIPs Installation Guide has been divided into convenient sections covering most aspects of PBS SIPs installation. Designed for carpenters, framers, contractors and do-it-yourselfers, the instructions and detailed illustrations will give you the basics of building with PBS SIPs at just a glance. Premier’s SIPs installation techniques are based on Premier Building Systems’ continuing program of independent, third-party testing and more than 30 years