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Raypak XTHERM 1005

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Category: Electric Heaters

CATALOG NO. 3400.55B Effective: 09-22-09 Replaces: 02-24-09 P/N 241344 Rev. 3 Rev. 3 reflects the following: Changes to: Fig. 3 on page 6, Fig. 10 on page 11, Pool Heater instructions and Fig. 17 on page 17, Fig. 19 on page 21, Table M on page 25, Mode 1 and Mode 4 instructions on page 33, Fig. 35 and Fig. 36 on page 33, Modes 6-8 instructions on page 34, Tables P-R on pages 34-35, Auto Limit -Auto Reset instructions on page 39, wiring diagrams on pages 42-43. Additions: PVC Venting Option on pa

Raypak Versa 055

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Category: Electric Heaters

A Millivolt heater using propane gas is ”MP"; a Millivolt heater using natural gas is ' Prefix "B" is for brass headers. Suffix "C" is for copper tubing. Example: B-R055B-EN-C = Brass headers, 055 model size, electronic ignition, natural gas, copper fin tubes Versa 055 Standard Features All models • PolyTuf Textured Powder Coating The Raypak gas heater has a polyester-coated, non-corrosive cabinet that is more durable than solventborne- and waterborne-coated metal cabinets. Every piece of sh

Raypak SpaPak 552 & 1102

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Category: Electric Heaters

They also allow for a corrosion free connection to your spa plumbing, making any future servicing a snap. • Copper Water Vessel The Raypak Electric Spa heater has a completely non-ferrous waterway. The cast brass headers are connected with an all copper water tank. This ensures that the spa water only comes in contact with a rust free environment. This helps keeps your spa rust stain free. • 1-1/2” Water Connections Every Raypak Electric Spa heater comes standard with 1-1/2” NPT male connect

Raypak RP2100 ASME Series

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Category: Electric Heaters

Pressure Relief Valve ► Small Footprint ► Unitherm Governor Anti-Condensation Control ► Internal Bypass for High Flow Rates (up to 125 gpm) ► Indoor/Outdoor Digital model with outdoor top shown Heat Exchanger ■ ASME Inspected and Stamped 160 PSIG ■ National Board Approved ■ Glass-lined Cast Iron Headers ■ Finned Tubing □ Copper - Standard □ Cupro Nickel - Optional ■ ASME Steel Tube Sheet ■ Silicone O-Rings ■ 125 PSIG Pressure Relief Valve ■ Water Connections □ Right Hand - Stand

Raypak RHP160

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Category: Swimming Pools

When the air is cool with low humidity, “sweating” may not be evident. • How long has the heater been operating? During initial pool heating in cold weather, it may require a week to elevate the pool temperature to a comfortable level. Normally, it takes about 4 days. • How many hours per day is the unit operating? Remember that the heat pump only operates while the pool pump is running. Set the time clock to permit 24 hour per day 7 operation. After the desired temperature is reached, return th

Raypak RHP115

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Category: Swimming Pools

WARNING Do not install the unit within 3 ft of fossil fuel burning heaters. Air intake along the sides of this heat pump could disturb the combustion process of the unit, and could cause damage or personal injury. • Mount the unit on a level, sturdy base, preferably a concrete slab or blocks. The size of the base should be not less than 3 ft by 3 ft. • Completely isolate the base from the building foundation or wall to prevent sound or vibration transmission into the building. For this purpose,

Raypak RHP100

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Category: Swimming Pools

When this lamp is ON, service is required. Call the number shown in the CONTACT INFORMATION at the front of this manual. V. Initial Start-Up and Check 1. Verify that the Power lamp is ON and that the pool pump is running and circulating properly. 2. Verify that the control panel Spa-Remote-Pool switch is in the Remote (OFF) position; see the figure. 3. Turn the control switch to either Pool or Spa to turn the system ON and raise the thermostat setting above the current water temperature. At this

Raypak RHP-115LHHC

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Category: Water and Air Pumps

Unique fin coating prevents corrosion, even in salt air. • Venturi Fan Cowling High capacity fan provides unrestricted air flow for better heating. • 10 Year Limited Warranty Customer direct toll free number 800-260-2758 • Solid State Controls Accurately monitors your pool's water temperature settings. MODEL 115LH 115LHHC Heat BTU Output 80°F Air 80% RH 80°F Water 112,000 112,000 Cool BTU Output N/A 83,000 C.O.P. 6.4 6.4 Compressor Scroll Scroll Voltage 208/230V N 0 -6 _£Z D_ Minimu

Raypak RHP-115LH

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Category: Water and Air Pumps

Heat pumps use moisture from the air to regulate water temperature. The RHP Low Humidity (LH) series is specially designed with an oversized coil that maximizes the absorption of moisture from the air, enhancing performance in dry desert climates. Heat it or Cool it! The LH series can mantain comfortable pool or spa water temperature during the cooler months, as well as the hotter months. If just heating is required, the 115LH is the perfect solution. If both heating and cooling are needed, th

Raypak RHP 5100ti

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Category: Water and Air Pumps

Same rugged steel construction used by all the major air conditioner manufacturers. • Small Footprint Great for smaller equipment pads and tight spaces. Coil • Large Air Coils Raised lanced-fin design maximizes heating at lower temperatures. • Venturi Fan Cowling High-capacity 3000-cfm fan provides unrestricted air flow for better heating. Compressor • Scroll Compressor The Copeland Scroll is the leading scroll compressor in quality and reliability. It provides you with higher efficien