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Sentry Industries SOUND-BOX HR100

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Category: Radios

• V.V.Xv -VAV/Äv>V.y//.vIv . Xv-v.-.-.v ....... VOLUME Congratulations on your purchase of Sentry’s XR100 Sound-Box AM/FM Radio! Each unit has been meticulously designed and tested to provide you with years of dependable operation. Please review this manual carefully before operating your radio and store it in a safe place for future reference. Plugging-ln and Powering Up: The Radio’s Clock function uses batteries to ensure accurate time keeping in case of a power outage. To install batte

Sentry Industries PT40

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Category: Televisions

Protective Grounding Terminal This symbol indicates a terminal that must be connected to earth ground prior to making any other connections to the equipment. Life-Support Policy As a general policy, Server Technology does not recommend the use of any of its products in the following situations: • life-support applications where failure or malfunction of the Server Technology product can be reasonably expected to cause failure of the life-support device or to significantly affect its safety or ef

Sentry Industries CR100

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Category: Radios

Your units is now set to turn on automatically at the pre-selected alarm time. TO WAKE TO BUZZER Step 1 Follow step 1 to step 3 under "TO WAKE TO RADIO". Step 2 Rotate the VOLUME/BUZZER switch to the "BUZZER" position. You will be awakened at the pre-selected alarm time by the buzzer tone. To turn the Buzzer off, slide the AUTO/OFF/ON switch to the "OFF" position or press ALARM SET/OFF Button. ALARM OFF Slide the AUTO/OFF/ON switch to "OFF" position if you wish to turn off the radio or buzze

Sentry Industries CL936

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Category: Radios

Full screen will be displayed with sound then it returns to the normal time display. • Time setting: press and hold “SET" key until you hear beep sound to enter time setting mode. When the number of “hour” and "minute" are flashing, press “UP" “DOWN” to adjust the time. • Alarm time setting and talking on the hour setting: Press and hold “SET" key and press “MODE" twice to enter alarm time setting mode. “hour” “minute” are flashing. Press “UP” and “DOWN” keys to adjust the alarm time accordin

Sentry Industries CA656

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Category: Calculators

Extreme cold IE-H.GW 32 or 0 C)r heat (¡above !M f or 40'C) and humidity may alBO affect the functions o1 the calculator Never use volatile fluid such as lacquer ffiinner. benzine, etc. when cleaning ihe unit FOR servicing, contact your reiaiier o< nearby dealer. Before starting calculation, be sure to press the IonTcI key and to confirm that '0' Is shown In the display. Special care should be taken not to damage the unit by bending or dropping. For example, do not carry It In your hip pocke

Sentry Industries CA210

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Category: Time Clocks

year, month, date, week . perpetual calendar range from 2000-2099) b. ALARM c. TIMER (COUNT DOWN) maximal scope:99 minute 59 second d. TEMPERATURE 2. LED BACK LIGHT, (in two colors flashing). ♦ OPERATION: Insert two 1 5V size AA batteries into the battery holder, then show normal mode. Time 12:00, Year:2006. Date 1/1.Week:TUE MONTH DATE YEAR 1 UNDER TIME MODE: Rotate clock to the TIME direction, press SET into the setting mode, the number will flicker, press set to switch among hour, mi

Sentry Industries CA110

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Category: Radios

At the same time, snooze function can be set 3. Birthday alarm mode: Birthday time and date can be set. 4. Timer Mode: Countdown timer can be set. Maximum setting: 23-hour, 59-minute, 59-second 5. Temperature: Indicate the temperature automatically. Under normal mode, press SET key to shift Centigrade/Fahrenheit. 6. Music appreciation mode: Under normal mode, press DOWN key to enter MUSIC APPRECIATION setting mode 7. Color Light mode: Press Light key will turn On/Off light circular cha

Sentry Industries ATC-20

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Category: Time Clocks

Temperature 2. Date 6. Signal Strength Indicator 3. Month 7. Daylight Savings Time 4. Day of the week 8. Time zone map Operation Instructions GETTING STARTED 1. Remove the battery door by slightly pressing the knob upwards. 2. Insert one new AAA size battery as per indication marked on the battery compartment. 3. Close the battery door. 4. When the battery is inserted, all the segments of the LCD will be shown briefly before entering the radio controlled time reception mode. 5. The RC C

Sentry Industries ALARM CLOCK RADIO CR105

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Category: Radios

The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user of the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. The Lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, with an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user of the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE

Sentry Industries 5000

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Category: Alarms

Apparatus must be installed in accordance with National Electrical Code. 2) FMRC Approval of the RS232C Data Output option applies only if used as a printer port and the apparatus connected to the controller does not use or generate greater than 250 Vrms. 3) FMRC Approval for Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Module applies to Model 5100-05 electrochemical cell only. Model 5100-01 solid state sensor is not approved. 4) FMRC Approval allows the presence of MODBUS firmware in the Sentry controller but does