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Speed Queen VENDED ST075

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Owners today need the versatility to adapt quickly to fluctuations in operating expenses and customers' needs. Features that a few years ago were considered luxuries are now essential components to doing business. Speed Queen's cutting-edge Quantum™ System, gives owners the power to respond instantly to changes in order to maximize their store's profitability A Quantum™ Gold networked store is the ultimate in management ease, enabling owners to modify vend prices or cycles from the comfort of t

Speed Queen VENDED ST050

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To us, building the best machines on the market doesn’t mean much if we’re not willing to also take the lead in standing behind them. As a Speed Queen customer, you’ll never have to worry about our bond. * Parts only, labor not included. See Speed Queen Warranty Bond for specifics. Activation Features Coin Models Speed Queen’s drying tumblers are factory equipped with high security coin drops. Five checks are used to validate the coin and invalid coins are returned through a reject slot. C


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Four gussets (Figure 3, item 3) are provided for leg support. Assemble the gusset in each corner with 1/4 - 20 x 3/4” long bolts and 1/4” nuts. Discard the four mounting angles (Figure 5, item 1). Leg Assembly for Vertical Airflow Installation (Models 024-133; 5-26) Remove fasteners securing condenser to skid. Remove leg extensions (Figure 4, item 1) by removing four 5/16” x 3-1/2” bolts. Install as shown in dotted lines with same four bolts. Install mounting angle (item 2) as shown (dotted line

Speed Queen HD4400

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• Always turn the power off at the power outlet before you insert or remove a plug. Remove by grasping the plug - do not pull on the cord. • Turn the power off and remove the plug when the appliance is not in use and before cleaning. • Do not use your appliance with an extension cord unless this cord has been checked and tested by a qualified technician or service person. • Always use your appliance from a power outlet of the voltage (A.C. only) marked on the appliance. • Close supervision is ne

Speed Queen Drying Tumblers JCB75CG

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= 25' + 19' (7.6 m + 5.8 m) gas supply pipe. = 44' (13.4 m) Total Gas Liner GAS WATER HEATERS (400,000 BTU/HR. each) MAIN REGULATOR GAS TUMBLER DRYERS (75,000 BTU/HR. each) GAS METER 19' (5.8 m) 25' (7.6 m) PRESSURE REGULATOR Total BTU/HR = The sum of the BTU/HR. of all tumblers being fed by the main gas supply pipe. = 9 x 75,00019' (5.8 m) GAS SPACE HEATERS (70,000 BTU/HR. each) = 675,000 BTU/HR. T035IE3E Using the table in Figure 22, the main supply pipe diameter should be 2" (5.08 cm). Figure

Speed Queen Drying Tumblers JCB75CE

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Air flow switch operation is controlled by counterweight position on shaft. Moving counterweight either increases or decreases air flow switch sensitivity. Counterweight should be adjusted so air flow will force disc away from cabinet when lint panel is opened 6 inches (15.24 cm) with a full load. Adjust air flow switch as follows: 1. Load tumbler. NOTE: This adjustment is much faster to make with one person opening lint panel in front and another adjusting the counterweight in rear of tumbler.

Speed Queen Drying Tumblers JCB50EG

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4. When cooling selector reaches zero (0) motor will stop and cooling indicator will turn off indicating drying cycle is finished. Coin Operated Tumbler 1. Set temperature selector to HIGH. 2. Insert required amount of coins. 3. Press and hold in Push-to-Start Button for approximately three (3) seconds. Motor will start and heat system will turn on. 4. Near end of cycle a preset 2 1/2 minute cool down cycle will start. 5. When metered time expires, motor will stop indicating drying cycle is fini

Speed Queen Drying Tumblers JCB50CSH

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If ignition does not occur during first three seconds ignition control will “lockout” causing gas valve to close and a red button on ignition control to illuminate. To reset ignition system , open access door and press red button on ignition control. Close and lock access door, verify that gas shut-off valve is in the “on” position and return to step three. 4. If tumbler will not start, remove it from service by turning machine disconnect switch, located on rear of tumbler, to the “off” position

Speed Queen Drying Tumblers JCB50CG

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STEAM CONNECTIONS (Steam Drying Tumblers) INSTALLING STEAM SOLENOID VALVE AND MAKING STEAM INLET CONNECTIONS High pressure machines require a (constant) 80 to 100 psig (5.62 to 7.03 kg/sq. cm) steam service for optimum operation. Low pressure machines require a (constant) 10 to 15 psig (.70 to 1.05 kg/sq. cm) steam service for optimum operation. The following steps outline procedure for installing steam solenoid valve and connecting steam service. a. Install a manual shut-off gate valve in conde

Speed Queen Drying Tumblers JCB50CE

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NATURAL GAS service must be supplied at 6... ± 1... inch water column pressure (1.62 ± .37 kPa). L.P. GAS service must be supplied at 11 ± .3 inch water column pressure (2.74 ± .07 kPa). If gas service is not same as that specified, DO NOT CONNECT THE GAS LINE TO TUMBLER! It will first be necessary to convert gas burner orifice and gas valve. IMPORTANT: Any product revisions or conversions must be made by the Manufacturer’s Authorized Dealers, Distributors or local service personnel. . WARNING T