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Tamarack Technologies HV1600

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Unpacking your HV: When you have unpacked your HV carefully you will find the following: HV1000 HV1600 One (1) HV1000 Whole House Ventilator One (1) HV1600 Whole House Ventilator One (1) White Metal Grille w/(6) Screws One (1) White Metal Grille w/(6) Screws One (1) Electrical Box Cover w/(2) Screws Four (4) #8x3/4 Screws Four (4) #8x3/4 Screws One (1) Hand Held Remote Transmitter One (1) Grounding Screw (green) The Best Location for your HV: The HV should be installed in your attic in a central

Tamarack Technologies HV1000

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HV1000 -The HV1000 is operated by the wall switch (not included) installed per the wiring instructions. An optional remote control kit is available (Part# TTi-HVRC). HV1600 -The HV1600 is controlled by the hand held remote transmitter. Additional controls, when used, may override the remote control. See the Wiring section of this manual for further details. Care All the motors in the HV are permanently sealed and do not require oiling. To keep dirt, dust and debris from the fans we recommend tha

Tamarack Technologies GH.02

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Above a central hallway or at the top of a stairwell will provide the best airflow. > Make sure that there aren t any pipes, wires, rafters or air conditioning or heating ducts running through the space where the GHOST will be installed. The GHOST can NOT be mounted vertically. > Make sure that you have adequate exhaust area out of your attic. This can be accomplished with a combination of roof, ridge or gable end vents. The GHOST requires a minimum of 9 square feet of attic exhaust area. > y y!