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True Manufacturing Company PS/50

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If the transmitter strap is adjusted or moved while exercising, heart rate monitoring may be temporarily affected. If communication is lost for 30 seconds, the bike will exit the HRC workout into a manual workout. The transmitter strap sends a low-level radio signal to the bike, so interference from other radio and sound waves (including everything from cordless telephones to loudspeakers) is possible. The good news is that this interference is usually quite brief. If you continue to have interm

True Manufacturing Company ES9.0

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His team’s obsession with quality has propelled TRUE to the top of the fitness industry and has created one of America’s oldest, largest and most respected fitness equipment manufacturers. Over the years, TRUE has designed, developed, patented and fabricated many new cutting-edge innovations for their products. Such advancements include ground- breaking new features, state-of-the- art manufacturing components, and technological breakthroughs. While TRUE has expanded its line of products, intensi