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Vertical Communications SCS 8324S

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PRESS INTERCOM AND DIAL **1. 2. PRESS desired programmable button. 3. DIAL 98. 4. PRESS SPEAKER to end. 6.4.5 ASSIST BUTTON This feature allows you to program a button to be used for sending a message to an LCD speakerphone. Once programmed, you can press the ASSIST button at anytime to sound a tone burst at the called station and present a preprogrammed message in the station display. You can send a message while on a call without alerting the distant party. This feature is useful for requestin

Vertical Communications SCS 8324F

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Category: Answerphones

Introduction The first chapter of the manual describes the initial setup and adjustments necessary to begin using your speakerphone. 1Getting Started Basic Operation The basic operation chapters define often-used features and provide instructions for their use. These chapters are titled as follows: 2Answering Calls 3Making Calls Advanced Operation The chapters that describe the advanced features of the DXP, DXP Plus, and FX Series systems are as follows: 4Advanced Call Handling 5Nonverbal Messag