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Defy Appliances MAXIMAID 720W

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Category: Washers

• Press and hold the START / PAUSE / CANCEL button for 3 seconds. • Water will drain from the machine. The progress display will move to Spin • The door may be opened after the DOOR OPEN light glows. Page 9 Wash programme guide Wash programme guide Programme Cotton 90 Cotton 60 Cotton 40 Intensive 60 Synthetics 60 Synthetics 40 Synthetics Cold Curtain 40 Delicate 40 Woolen 40 Woolen Cold Handwash 30 Mini 30 Rinse Spin Drain Fabric type Heavily soiled fabrics made from cotton or linen, heat resis

Defy Appliances TWINMAID 1300

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Defy Appliances DHG 116

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Defy Appliances DCH261

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ceiling ceiling ceiling Page 3 Installation.. Installation.. Installation sequence; 1. Extractor unit / chimney brackets. 2. Top chimney duct 3. Bottom chimney duct • Carefully remove the extractor hood and the components from the packaging. • Remove the grease filters. CEILING MOUNTING TEMPLATE CEILING MOUNTING BRACKET POSITION CUT TEMPLATE TOP OF CEILING HOOD TEMPLATE LINE FROM CENTRE OF STOVE TO CEILING HORIZONTAL LINE 750 • Draw a fine vertical line on the wall from the rear-centre of the ho

Defy Appliances 831

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Category: Kitchen-ranges

• The word AUTO will flash until button 4 is pressed and manual control is restored. • Return the multi function selector to OFF • The oven thermostat must be turned to the OFF position in an anticlockwise direction. Important • If the Automatic start and or stop functions are not required, the clock must be set to manual mode. Unless this is done, the oven will not work. Press button 4 • The automatic timer / clock only controls the bottom oven. WARMER DRAWER WARMER DRAWER • The warming drawer

Defy Appliances 735 MF

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Category: Kitchen-ranges

The advantages are: 1. Both trays may be used at the same time. 2. Different dishes can be cooked simultaneously without flavour or aroma transfer. Hence fish, meat and cakes can be baked at the same time. 3. The oven door may be opened any time for inspection purposes without risking a flop. 4. By circulating hot air around the food, spit-roast chickens may be done without using a rotisserie. Cooking • Ensure that the timer is set to manual. • Set the multifunction selector to Thermofan oven an

Defy Appliances MAXIMAID 720M

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Category: Washers

You and your Maximaid are going to make a great team together. But first it will pay if you really get to know each other. This book will tell you all you need to know about your machine, what it will do and how to do it. Please read all the instructions carefully before operating the machine. Installation Packaging All packaging must be removed from the machine. Transport fittings The wash drum is secured during transport to prevent damage. Before using the machine, remove the transport fitting

Defy Appliances DCH260

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Category: Fans

Electrical connection. • The extractor hood uses a 220250V/ 50Hz power supply. • If the mains power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified electrician. • The power cord is located in the chimney area. Should you require an installation with no visible wiring, a 15 amp earthed plug socket should be accessible either in the ceiling above the extractor hood or on the wall behind the chimney area. (A qualified electrician should provide this facility). • The extractor hood must be earth

Defy Appliances DHG 117

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Category: Cooktops

Defy Appliances 520

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Use a nylon brush on badly soiled items. • Wipe dry after cleaning and replace items. SOLID PLATES Before using the plates for the first time, switch them on for four minutes at the highest setting. This allows the factory applied protective coating to burn in. The markings around the plate control knobs represent the following heat settings: Position 1 = Warming. 2 = Slow simmer. 3 = Simmer. 4 = Medium heat. 5 = High heat 6 = Boiling and frying. The plate indicator light will glow when a plate