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Fisher PLC-XU50

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Category: Televisions

Fisher 2610

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Category: Plumbing Product

39101 REV. B /-/^/-/ETF? FISHER MANUFACTURING C □ M RAN Y 4” C/C Backsplash Pre-Rinse Unit Product Installation Guide #2610 - Pre-Rinse Unit: 4” C/C Backsplash Control Valve, Ultra Spray Since 1936, Fisher Manufacturing Company has manufactured heavy-duty, high quality plumbing products and hardware specialties for the food service industry. For three generations, the Fisher family has adhered to a strict dedication of and overall value. When you install Fisher products... you install the b

Fisher PC-25S00, PC-27S90

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Category: Televisions

Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, electrical shock, or other hazards. 10. Never add accessories that have not been specifically designed for use with this appliance. 11. For added protection during a lightning storm, or when the set is left unattended and unused for long periods of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna. This will prevent damage to the set due to lightning or power line surges. 2 SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES PICTURE TUBE SIZE (Measured Diagonally

Fisher ICR-B35

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Category: Dictaphones

Fisher 2610-WB

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Category: Plumbing Product

During this period Fisher Manufacturing Company will replace a defective product or part without charge to you, provided that the entire product is delivered to Fisher Manufacturing Company. All transportation and insurance charges for shipping the product to and from Fisher Manufacturing Company must be borne by you. Charges for transportation and insurance may, at the option of Fisher Manufacturing Company, be refunded depending upon our investigation of the warranty claim. This warranty does

Fisher ECD-T1820

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Category: CD Players

Fisher ICR-B50

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Category: Security Systems

Fisher 34436

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Category: Plumbing Product

41157 REV. B 10456 LUBE 2000-5000 WASHER 2000-3002 2000-5003 BIBB CAP SEAT WASHER 1000-7502 SEAT SCREW 3000-0011 RH SWIVEL STEM 3967 16” SWING SPOUT 3964 14” SWING SPOUT 3963 12” SWING SPOUT 3962 10” SWING SPOUT 3961 8” SWING SPOUT 3960 6” SWING SPOUT 12564 2.2 GPM AERATOR 19119 SWIVEL SPOUT RETRO-FIT KIT 2932-0002 IN-LINE CHECK VALVE 2949-9001 SCRUB BRUSH 1792 ANGLE STOP WITH KEY 1790-1 ANGLE STOP W/ CROSS HANDLES 2400-2103 ELBOWS 10014 (24”) 10022 (36”) SUPPLY LINE 1/2” F x 1/2” F 10049 (24”)

Fisher Indoor Barbecue Grill HPS-SG3

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Category: Convection Ovens

3. Do not overload the grill surface. 4. For your safety, do not move the appliance when in use. 4 TEMPERATURE GUIDE TEMPERATURE GUIDE Beef (rare) Internal temperature of 140°F Beef (medium) Internal temperature of 160°F Beef (well done) Internal temperature of 170°F Ground Beef Internal temperature of 160°F Chicken Breasts Internal temperature of 170°F Chicken Pieces Internal temperature of 180°F Hot Dogs Internal temperature of 165°F Fish Internal temperature of 165°F Pork Internal temperature

Fisher FVH-E420

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Category: Cameras

5 Load a cassette. 6 Press the POWER button. NOTES: oe Daily or weekly recording, or the program type cannot be set using this method. oe Once a program timer recording has been set, it cannot be erased using the buttons on the VCR front panel. Checking the Program Timer 1 Turn on the power (TV and VCR). 2 Set the TV to channel 3 or 4. 3 Press the MENU button. The main MENU appears. 4 Press the OK button. The programmed recordings are listed. NOTE: To display the program type or rating, press th