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Pride Mobility Lift Chiar

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In addition, Classic Collection Lift Chairs feature patented, quiet and smooth operation and stylish designs to add to any home décor. COLLECTION 1-800-800-8586 (U.S.) 1-888-570-1113 (Canada) Prides Mobility Products Corp. Pride Lift Chats ¿(¿^xßerieaee l/e Qhhvt(-/y # *1(¿SS¿C (^COLLECTION CLASSIC COLLECTION MODELS CL-10 CL-152 CL-20 CL-3Q2 2-Position 3-Position 2-Position 3-Position Medium Medium Medium Medium Button-back Design Button-back Design Sewn Pillow-back Design Chaise Lo

Pride Mobility Quantum 614 3SP

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Temperature • Some of the parts of your power chair are susceptible to extreme changes in temperature. Always keep your power chair between the temperatures of 18°F (-8°C) and 122°F (50°C). • In extremely cold temperatures the batteries may freeze. The specific temperature at which they freeze depends on a number of factors, such as battery charge, usage, and composition of the batteries (e.g., AGM or Gel-Cell). • Temperatures above 122°F (50°C) may cause your power chair to operate at a reduced

Pride Mobility 1170 XL Plus

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With features like enhanced seating sizes, powerful drivetrains and weight capacities up to 650 lbs., Jazzy bariatric models are the perfect choice for the larger individual. Mobility Products Corp. — LIVE YOUR BEST®— JAzzY® 1170 XL PLUS jazzy® 1420 jazzy® 1650 Weight capacity 500 lbs. 500 lbs. 650 lbs. Maximum speed Up to 5 mph Up to 4.5 mph Up to 5 mph Ground clearance 4” 4.5” 5” Turning radius 26.75” 25.75” 26.25” Overall length 45.25” 46” 47” Overall width 30” 27.25” 30.375” Drive

Pride Mobility Jazzy 600 2SP

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WARNING! You should not travel up or down a potentially hazardous incline (i.e., areascovered with snow, ice, cut grass, or wet leaves). WARNING! Never travel down an incline backward. Doing so may cause the powerchair to tip. Always exercise extreme caution when negotiating an incline. Jazzy 600 Series II. SAFETY II. SAFETY WARNING! If your power chair is equipped with a reclining seatback, do not attempt to negotiateinclines with the seat in a reclined position. Do not attempt to negotiate obs

Pride Mobility Hurricane PMV

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Category: Mobility Aid

See figure 15. 2. To lower the power seat, press and hold the lower part of the switch. Release the switch when you have attained your desired height or until reaching the lowest position. NOTE: The PMV must be stopped in order for the power seat to be operated. If the power seat switch is pressed while the PMV is in motion, the PMV will slow and come to a stop. The PMV may also produce a fault code indicated by the Status LED on the console. If a fault code occurs, you will need to turn the PMV

Pride Mobility INFMANU1773

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• Thermal Rollback This is a safety feature designed to prevent the power chair from overheating and causing damage to the motors or controller. NOTE: The Remote Plus can be programmed to have up to five drive profiles or one drive profile and five speed adjustments. Remote Plus Controller Basic Operation Instructions On/Off Button Press to power on or off the power chair and controller. Mode Button Used to select the various functions available with the Remote Plus. Speed/Profile Indicator Seri

Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller SC40LR

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Category: Mobility Aid

Take the guesswork out of travel with simple, one-hand feather-touch disassembly. Go where you want to go, easily, with the Go-Go Elite Traveller. Feather-touch disassembly. Go-Go Elite Traveller®, 4-Wheel Pride' Mobility Products Corp. — LIVE YOUR BEar— FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS Model numbers SC40E (3-Wheel) SC44E (4-Wheel) Max. weight capacity 275 lbs. Maximum speed2 Up to 4.25 mph Ground clearance1 2.5” Turning radius1 3-Wheel: 32.5” 4-Wheel: 44.125” Overall length1 3-Wheel: 37” 4-

Pride Mobility 1107

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2. Turn the nut clockwise until it is snug. 3. Rotate the lever until it is in the fully closed position. NOTE: If the lever will not rotate to the fully closed position, then turn the nut counterclockwise one-quarter or one-half turn. Foot Platform Angle Adjustment You can adjust the angle of the foot platform with a hex key. See figure 21. To adjust the foot platform angle: 1. Flip up the foot platform and locate the setscrew. 2. Turn the setscrew counterclockwise to raise the front of the foo

Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller SC44LR

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(Canada) 888-570-1113 . 1Due to manufacturing tolerances and continued product improvement, this specification is subject to a variance of +/- 3%. 2Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery amp-hour (AH), battery charge, battery condition and tire condition. This specification can be subject to a variance of (+ or -) 10%. 3AGM or gel cell type recommended. 4Battery weight may vary based on manufacturer. 5Tested in accordance with ANSI/RENSA, WC Vol 2, Section 4, and ISO 7176-4 standar

Pride Mobility 1170XL Plus 2VHD, 1170XL Plus 3VHD

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Category: Mobility Aid

MANDATORY! Read the battery charging instructions in this manual and in the manual suppliedwith the battery charger before charging the batteries. WARNING! Explosive gases may be generated while charging the batteries. Keep the powerchair and battery charger away from sources of ignition such as flames or sparks and provideadequate ventilation when charging the batteries. WARNING! You must recharge your power chair’s batteries with the supplied off-board batterycharger. Do not use an automotive-