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Traxxas 1508

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CENTERING YOUR SERVOS TO BATTERY PACK CHANNEL 1 STEERING SERVO ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL CHANNEL-1 ANTENNA RECEIVER ON/OFF SWITCH TO MOTOR CHANNEL-2 BATTERY WIRE COLORS BLACK RED WHITE 4-CELL BATTERY HOLDER PART# 3170 ON/OFF SWITCH BLACK NEGATIVE RED POSITIVETO MOTOR VISUAL INSPECTION Whenever your radio system has been removed for service or cleaning, the steering servo must be re-centered prior to installing the radio system in the model. If the radio system is already installed in the boat, di

Traxxas 1501

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Look over the manual and examine the Villain IV carefully before running it. If for some reason you think the Villain IV is not what you wanted, then do not continue any further.Your hobby dealer absolutely cannot accept a Villain IV for return or exchange after it has been run, or after any of the parts bags have been opened (kit version). Please read all of the Operating Instructions and Precautions before attempting to drive your new Villain IV. These instructions are written with the assumpt