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User manual Hobart, model OV500G2

Manafacture: Hobart
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manual abstract

Some divisions have negotiated with Hobart to do additional installation work. These services are on a division-by-deviation basis and are invoiced locally to the division. Hobart offices will be notified prior to shipment of bakery oven and proofer. It will include the project manager’s name and phone number. The installing office should contact that person to schedule installation. After Hobart has equipment set in place, they should notify their Kroger contact that the utilities are ready for connection. They should also arrange to be notified when utilities are completed and Kroger is ready for Hobart to perform the start-up. Any questions regarding orders, or ship dates should be directed to Karen DeHart in Troy, OH. (937-332-2408). KROGER/GENERAL CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITIES: • Receive, unload and store equipment within a reasonable working distance near the final installation location • Apply for any local permits that may be required • Connect required utilities to equipment upon completion of equipment assembly • Supply Gas Regulator (Unit requires 11” Water Column) • Provide for removal of all debris from property. Hobart will remove debris from installation site to dumpster location • Schedule equipment installation with local Hobart Service Office INSTALLING HOBART OFFICE RESPONSIBILITIES: • Coordinate Assembly and Start up of Oven and Proofer (see details below) • Schedule installation and startup of equipment with Kroger Project Manager o Over 50 miles from Hobart Service Office is charged on a Time & Materials basis • Remove debris from installation site to dumpster location. GC is responsible for removal of all debris from property. First trip will include: • Coordinate installation with the construction supervisor • Explain the electrical, plumbing and venting connections • Uncrate oven and proof box • Move equipment to final location • Assemble the equipment and components and set in place • Coordinate the final hookups with contractor • After notification that final connections are made, Hobart will coordinate a second trip Second trip will include: • Verify final hookups • Start-up and adjustments of equipment to manufacturers settings and specifications • Calibrate and make adjustments as needed • Verify all equipment functions and unit is ready for production • Complete installation checklist and forward to Hobart for review and startup of warranty coverage Hobart will follow up within 30 days after startup to verify unit is properly operating to customer satisfaction. Other installation support available, at additional cost, includes: • Overtime installation • Storage of equipment at service office • Receiving • Unloading • Moving equipment • Special handling through restricted doorways and levels • Perform final hookup of utilities • Removal or disposal of old units in remodel locations...

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