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User manual Thermo Products, model OH5-85DXE

Manafacture: Thermo Products
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manual abstract

c WARNING: IMPROPER INSTALLATION, ADJUSTMENT, ALTERATION, SERVICE, OR MAINTENANCE CAN CAUSE INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. REFER TO THIS MANUAL. FOR ASSISTANCE OR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONSULT A QUALIFIED INSTALLER, OR SERVICE AGENCY. PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO INSTALLATION, INITIAL FIRING, AND BEFORE PERFORMING ANY SERVICE OR MAINTENANCE. THESE INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE LEFT WITH THE USER AND SHOULD BE RETAINED FOR FUTURE REFERENCE BY QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. THERMO PRODUCTS, LLC. PO BOX 217 NORTH JUDSON, IN 46366 PHONE: (574) 896-2133 MO-444 ECN 4673AMA MADE IN USA I. SAFETY SECTION This page contains various warnings and cautions found throughout the Oil Furnace Manual. Please read and comply with the statements below. cWARNING AND CAUTIONS: cWARNING: This furnace is not to be used as a construction heater. See Page 1. c CAUTION MUST BE TAKEN NOT TO EXCEED 90° ROTATION (OF THE FLUE ELBOW) COUNTERCLOCKWISE OR RIGHT FROM THE VERTICAL POSITION. See Page 2. cWARNING: The predetermined limit locations on all of the Thermo Pride oil fired furnaces have been tested and approved by Thermo Products, LLC. Any attempt to relocate these safety controls or replace these safety controls with a control that is not approved, or is incompatible, may result in personal injury, substantial property damage or death. See Page 4. cWARNING: THE HEAT EXCHANGER MUST BE CLEANED BY A QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSON. See Page 7. cCAUTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE REPAIRS YOURSELF! See Page 8. cWARNING: The area around the furnace should be kept free and clear of combustible liquids and material, especially papers and rags. See Page 8. cWARNING: NEVER burn garbage or refuse in your furnace. Never try to ignite oil by tossing burning papers or other material into your furnace. See Page 8. cWARNING: Thermo Products oil furnaces are designed to burn No. 1 or No. 2 distillate fuel oil. NEVER USE GASOLINE OR A MIXTURE OF OIL AND GASOLINE. See Page 8. cCAUTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO START THE BURNER WHEN: 1. Excess oil has accumulated, 2. The furnace is full of vapors 3. The combustion chamber is very hot. IF ONE OR MORE OF THESE CONDITIONS EXIST, CONTACT A QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSON. See Page 8. i All installations and services must be performed by qualified service personnel. TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION BEGINNING PAGE I. SAFETY SECTION i II. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 1 A. VENTING 2 B. DRAFT REGULATORS 2 C. DUCT WORK/AIR CONDITIONING 3 D. FILTERS MOUNTED EXTERNAL TO FURNACE 3 E. LIMIT POSITION AND LOCATION 5 F. BURNER INSTALLATION 5 G. BURNER SPECIFICATIONS AND APPLICATIONS 7 H. HEAT EXCHANGER CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS 8 III. USERS INFORMATION SECTION 9 A. OIL SUPPLY 9 B. COMBUSTION AIR SUPPLY 9 C. INSPECTION AREAS 9 D. STARTING THE BURNER 9 E. FILTER CLEANING AND LOCATIONS 10 APPENDIX – A REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST 12 APPENDIX – B WIRING DIAGRAMS 13 ii All installations and services must be performed by qualified service personnel. II. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS - READ BEFORE START OF INSTALLATION 1. The heating output capacity of the furnace proposed for installation should be based on a heat loss calculation made according to the manuals provided by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) or the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE). 2. All local codes and/or regulations take precedence over the instructions in this manual and should be followed accordingly. In the absence of local codes, installation must conform with these instructions and regulations of the National Fire Protection Association, and to the provisions of the National Electrical Code (ANSI/NFPA 70-1999 or latest edition). 3. The installed furnace must be level and positioned in a central location with respect to outlet registers. It should be located near the chimney to minimize any horizontal run of flue pipe, which may be required. 4. A furnace installed in a residential garage must be installed so the burner and ignition source are located higher than 18 inches above the floor, unless the required combustion air is taken from the exterior of the garage. Also, the furnace must be located or protected to avoid physical damage by vehicles. cWARNING: This furnace is not to be used as a construction heater. 5. Listed below are definitions of "COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL" and "NON-COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL." COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL: Material made of or surfaced with wood, compressed paper, plant fibers, plastics, or other material that will ignite and burn, whether flame resistant or not. NON-COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL: Material that is not capable of being ignited and burned. Such materials consist entirely of, or a combination of, steel, iron, brick, tile, concrete, slate, or glass. MINIMUM CLEARANCES TO COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS TYPE OF UNIT MODEL NO.1 FROM SIDES OF FURNACE FRONT TOP & SIDES OF PLENUM FROM THE FLUE/VENT REAR HIGHBOY OH5-85DXE*** 1 24 1 6 1 The minimum clearances listed in the preceding table are for fire protection. Clearance for servicing t...


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