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User manual Thermo Products, model OH16-125

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(See Fig. 6). Fig. 6: Cutaway view of fan section of a typical highboy furnace. Connect the return air plenum to the filter rack and slide the filter into place. Dimensions for adapting the return air plenum to the filter rack are provided on the bottom of the previous page. 5 All installations and services must be performed by qualified service personnel. D. FAN AND LIMIT POSITION AND LOCATION . WARNING: The predetermined fan and limit locations on all of the Thermo Pride oil fired furnaces have been tested and approved by Thermo Products, LLC. in conjunction with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Any attempt to relocate these safety controls or replace these safety controls with a control that is not approved, or is incompatible, may result in personal injury, substantial property damage or death. The units listed in the table below must have the fan and limit control installed at the time of unit installation. A locating bracket is provided with each of the units below. TABLE 2: Installation location of the fan and limit control for each furnace Fig. 7: Fan and limit location for lowboys, horizontal units and highboys. FAN & LIMIT LOCATION FOR HORIZONTAL UNITS WITH AIR CONDITIONING COIL: The fan & limit control should be mounted between the H-coil cabinet and furnace. For distances from top of plenum and furnace, see Fig. 7. IMPORTANT: Do not try to mount fan/limit in H-coil cabinet. NOTE: The OL2, OC2 and OH2 only, come standard with an oil filter packaged with the furnace. This filter has the capacity of filtering down to a 10 micron particle. This is to assure the small diameter burner nozzles in the low heating capacity furnaces are installed with a fine filter to help prevent nozzle clogging. E. BURNER INSTALLATION: NOTICE: Remove all cardboard packing from around chamber before installing burner. 6 All installations and services must be performed by qualified service personnel. The oil burner will mount on three stud mounting bolts on the lower mounting plate covering the opening in the front of the heat exchanger. The end of the burner tube should be inserted no further than 1/4 inch back from the inside surface of the combustion chamber. A distance further than 1/4 inch back from the inside chamber wall may cause impingement and sooting. NOTE: OVERFIRE AIR TAP MAY BE LOCATED ON EITHER SIDE OF FLAME INSPECTION COVER. (See Fig. 8). TWO PIECE MOUNTING PLATE Fig. 8: Typical location of the overfire air tap Fig. 9: (Top view) Burner insertion illustration When mounting the burner, the upper mounting plate (Fig. 8) must be removed to provide access to the area in front of the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber can then be moved forward or backward slightly to allow for adjustment in positioning the burner tube. A fiber insulating sleeve or amulet is provided on the burner tube of specific Thermo Pride burners.(see Fig. 10). See Thermo Pride burner application chart for type of insulator. Do not allow the burner tube or end cone to physically touch or protrude into the chamber, as excess heat transfer could result in destruction of the tube, end cone or both. The burner tube/end cone is properly positioned, when the end is . inch back from the inside surface of the combustion chamber wall. NOTE: The OL2, OC2 and OH2-56 furnace models have two chamber positioning clips on the pouch bottom to prevent the chamber from being pulled forward too close to the mounting plate and burner. If the chamber is pulled back against these clips the insertion depth should be correct. The loose-fill insulation that is included in a brown paper bag should be lightly placed around the burner tube between the front of the combustion chamber and the burner mounting plate. (DO NOT PACK THE INSULATION DOWN). The loose-fill insulation should be placed in such a fashion that the surface of the insulation is sloped from the top of the combustion chamber to the top of the lower mounting plate. The purpose of the loose insulation is to help protect the burner tube, mounting plates and vestibule area from excessive temperatures. On the horizontal units, the loose-fill insulation will fall down around the side of the chamber (the chamber is on its side in horizontal units). This presents no problem to the unit, as the amount of insulation under the side will be minimal, but take care not to allow the insulation to fall into the open end of the chamber where it may burn and blow around, possibly lodging in the burner. NOTE: Do not place loose insulation around chamber sides and back except for the larger units (Models OL33, 37 and 39) where the loose insulation is to be used around rear of chamber to ensure chamber stability. See larger unit assembly instructions for further details. (See Fig. 9). 7 All installations and services must b...

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