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User manual Scarlett, model SC-1164

Manafacture: Scarlett
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Language of manual:ruen
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Do not use for industrial purposes. Before the first connecting of the appliance check that voltage indicated on the rating label corresponds the mains voltage in your home. Danger of electric shock exists even when the appliance is switched off. Always unplug the appliance from the power supply when is not use. Oil heater should never be used under conditions where it may be immersed or come in contact with water, and also do not use the appliance in rooms with the increased moistness. Do not operate the oil heater with a damaged cord or plug. Return malfunctioning appliances for repair to near service center. Repair of the device only by qualified persons. Close supervision is required when appliance is used near children. Always remove the plug from the power supply before cleaning. Unplug oil heater by grasping plug and pulling it from the power supply. Pull on the plug, not on the cord. Do not use out of the room. Do not insert and pull out the plug with wet hand, as this may cause electrical sh...

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