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Caframo Limited 501273 Grey Road 1, RR 2, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada, N0H 2T0 Toll Free: 1-800-567-3556 | Phone: 519-534-1080 | Fax: 519-534-1088 WARNING This Model 9206 Electric Space Heater is designed and approved for home use only. 1. This heater, like all resistance wire fan-forced convection heaters, has hot and arcing elements which can cause combustible materials and/or flammable vapors to ignite.This heater must only be used indoors in a clean and dry area free of loose combustible materi

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Category: Electric Heaters

Simply set the large, easy to read dials to the desired room temperature and relax. This heater will automatically maintain your room temperature without constant adjustments. Solid steel body construction Automatic thermostat to maintain preselected room temperature Anti-Freeze setting - Heater automatically comes on at 38° F( 3°C) All metal housing Total climate control with three heat and two fan settings Ultra-quiet operation Eye-catching 4 color packaging CSA approved to US and Canad