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User manual Regency Wraps, model P36-NG4

Manafacture: Regency Wraps
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Discard orifice. Burner Orifice 9)Reinstall new burner orifice LPG stamped #52 and tighten. 10) Turn control knob to the “OFF” position. 11) Remove the black protection cap by hand from the hi-low knob (Fig.1). Fig.1 12) Insert a 5/32” or 4mm Allen wrench into the hexagonal key-way of the screw (Fig. 2), rotate it counterclockwise until it is free and extract it. Fig.2 13) Check that the screw is clean and if necessary remove dirt. Flip the screw (Fig. 3). 15) Using the Allen wrench as shown in Fig.4, rotate the screw clockwise until snug, do not overtighten. Fig.4 WARNING! Do not over tighten the screw. Recommended to grip the wrench by the short side. 16) Verify that if the conversion is from NG to LPG, the screw must be re-assembled with the red o-ring visible (Fig. 5). LPG Configuration Red o-ring visible Fig.5 17) Re-assemble the black protection cap (Fig. 6). 18) Reverse step 2). Fig.6 WARNING! Also check that the pilot and main burner injectors are appropriate for the gas type. 19) Attach clear label "This unit has been converted to LPG" near or on the serial # decal. 20) Replace yellow "NG" label with red "LPG" label. 21) Check for gas leaks. 22) Check inlet and outlet pressures. 23) Check operation of flame control. 24) Check for proper flame appearance and glow on logs. Regency® P36-4 Gas Log Fireplace INSTALLATION P36-NG System Data For 0 to 4500 feet altitude Burner Inlet Orifi ce Sizes: #37( 2.65mm) Max. Input Rating 33 mj Min. Input Rating 20 mj Supply Pressure min.1.25 kPa Manifold Pressure (High) 0.9 kPa Electrical: 240 V A.C. System. Circulation Fan: variable speed 130 CFM. Log Set: Ceramic fibre, 7 per set. Flue System: Simpson Dura-Vent Direct Flue System or Regency® Direct Flue System (Flex) GAS LINE INSTALLATION The gas line can be brought through either the right or the left side of the appliance. The gas valve is situated on the right hand side of the unit and the gas inlet is on the right hand side of the valve. Note: If the gas line is being installed from the left side, be sure to leave room to accommodate servicing of the fan. The gas line connection may be made of rigid pipe, copper pipe or an approved flex connector. (If you are using rigid pipe, ensure that the valve can be removed for servicing.) Since some municipalities have additional local codes it is always best to consult with your local authorities and the AS5601-2004 or NZS 5261 installation code. When using copper or flex connectors use only approved fittings. Always provide a union so that gas lines can be easily disconnected for servicing. Flare nuts for copper lines and flex connectors are usually considered to meet this requirement. Important: Always check for gas leaks with a soap and water solution or gas leak detector. Do not use open flame for leak testing. PILOT ADJUSTMENT Periodically check the pilot fl ames. Correct flame pattern has three strong blue fl ames: 1 flowing around the thermopile, 1 around the thermocouple and 1 fl owing across the burner (it does not have to be touching the burner). Note: If you have an incorrect fl ame pattern, contact your Regency® dealer for further instructions. Incorrect flame pattern will have small, probably yellow flames, not coming into proper contact with the rear burner or thermopile or thermocouple. P36-LPG System Data For 0 to 2000 feet altitude Burner Inlet Orifi ce Sizes: #52 (1.6 mm) Max. Input Rating 31 mj Min. Input Rating 18 mj For 0 to 4500 feet Altitude: Supply Pressure min 2.75 kPa Manifold Pressure (High) 2.7 kPa Electrical: 240 V A.C. System. Circulation Fan: variable speed 130 CFM. Log Set: Ceramic fibre, 7 per set. Flue System: Simpson Dura-Vent Co Axial Flue System AERATION ADJUSTMENT The air shutter can be adjusted by moving the adjusting wire up or down. The wire is accessed through the bottom louvre opening. Open the air shutter for a blue flame or close for a yellower flame. The burner aeration is factory set but may need adjusting due to either the local gas supply or altitude. This adjustment is performed by the gas fitter. Minimum Air Shutter Opening: 8 mm NG Full Open LPG CAUTION: Carbon will be produced if air shutter is closed too much. Note: Any damage due to carboning resulting from improperly setting the aeration controls is NOT covered under warranty. Closed - Tall yellow Open - Short Blue GAS PIPE PRESSURE TESTING The appliance must be isolated from the gas supply piping system by closing its individual manual shut-off valve during any pressure testing of the gas supply piping system at test pressures equal to or less than 1/2 psig. (3.45 kPa). Disconnect piping from valve at pressures over 3.45 kPa. The manifold pressure is controlled by a regulator built into the gas control, and should be checked at the pressure test point. Note: To properly check gas pressure, both inlet and manifold pressures should be checked using the valve pressure ports on the valve. 1) Make sure the valve is in the "OFF" position. 2) Loosen the "IN" and/or "OU...

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