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User manual Quadra-Fire, model QVI-30FB-S

Manafacture: Quadra-Fire
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the jumper wires across the terminals at the switch. If the burner the valve knob is in the ON comes on, replace the defective switch. If the switch is OK, place the position, and the ON/OFF jumper wires across the switch wires at the gas valve. If the burner switch is in the ON position. comes on, the wires are faulty or connections are bad. b. Thermopile may not be gener- If the pilot flame is not close enough physically to the thermopile, ating suffi cient millivoltage. adjust the pilot flame. Be sure the wire connections from the thermopile at the gas valve terminals are tight and that the thermopile is fully inserted into the pilot bracket. Check the thermopile with a millivolt meter. Take the reading at TH-TP&TP terminals of the gas valve. The meter should read 325 millivolts minimum, while holding the valve knob depressed in the pilot position, with the pilot lit, and the ON/OFF switch in the OFF position. Replace the faulty thermopile if the reading is below the specifi ed minimum. With the pilot in the ON position, disconnect the thermopile leads from the valve. Take a reading at the thermopile leads. The reading should be 325 millivolts minimum. Replace the thermopile if the reading is below the minimum. Quadra-Fire • QVI-30FB-S • 2020-910 Rev. H • 6/09 Troubleshooting (continued) Symptom Possible Cause Corrective Action 3. Continued c. Defective valve. Turn the valve knob to the ON position. Place the ON/OFF switch in the ON position. Check the millivolt meter a the thermopile terminals. The millivolt meter should read greater than 125mV. If the reading is acceptable, and if the burner does not come on, replace the gas valve. d. Plugged burner orifice. Check the burner orifice for stoppage. Remove stoppage. e. Wall switch or wires are defective. Follow the corrective action in Symptom and Possible Cause 1.a above. Check the switch and wiring. Replace where defective. 4. Frequent pilot outage problem. a. Pilot flame may be too high or too low, or blowing out (high pressure), causing pilot safety to drop out. Clean thermocouple and adjust the pilot fl ame for maximum flame impingement. Follow lighting instructions carefully. 5. The pilot and main burner extinguish while in operation. a. No LP in tank. Check the LP (propane) tank. Refill the fuel tank. b. Inner vent pipe leaking exhaust gases back into the system. Check venting system for damage. Replace/repair improperly assembled pipe sections. c. Glass too loose and air tight packet leaks in corners after usage. Replace glass panel assembly. d. Bad thermopile or thermocouple. Replace if necessary. e. Improper vent cap installation. Check for proper installation and freedom from debris or blockage. 6. Glass soots. a. Flame impingement. Adjust the log set so that the flame does not excessively impinge on it. b. Improper air shutter setting. Adjust the air shutter located on the control panel. c. Debris around air shutter. Inspect the opening at the base of the burner. NO MATERIAL SHOULD BE PLACED IN THIS OPENING. 7. Flame burns blue and lifts off burner. a. Insufficient oxygen being supplied. Ensure that the vent cap is installed properly and free of debris. Ensure that the vent system joints are tight and have no leaks. Ensure that no debris has been placed at the base of, or in the area of the air holes in the center of the base pan beneath the burner. Ensure that the glass is tightened properly on the unit, particularly on top corners. Quadra-Fire • QVI-30FB-S • 2020-910 Rev. H • 6/09 14 Maintaining and Servicing Appliance 14 A. Maintenance Tasks Although the frequency of appliance servicing and maintenance will depend on use and the type of installation, a qualified service technician should perform an appliance checkup at the beginning of each heating season. WARNING Risk of injury or property damage. Before servicing: • Turn off gas. • Turn off electricity to appliance. • Disable remote control, if one is present. • Ensure appliance is completely cooled. After servicing: • Replace any screen or barrier that was removed. • Reseal and reinstall any venting removed for servicing. WARNING Annual inspection by qualified technician recommended. Check: • Condition of doors, surrounds and fronts. • Condition of glass, glass assembly and glass seal. • Obstructions of combustion and ventilation air. • Condition of logs. • Condition of firebox. • Burner ignition and operation. • Burner air shutter adjustment • Gas connections and fittings. • Obstructions of termination cap. Clean: • Glass • Air passageways, grilles, control compartment • Burner, burner ports Risk of: • Fire • Delayed ignition or explosion • Exposure to combustion fumes • Odors CAUTION Handle glass assembly with care. NOTE: Clean glass after initial 3-4 hours operation. Longer operation without cleaning glass may cause a permanent white film on glass. When cleaning glass door: • Avoid striking, scratching or slamming glass. • Do NOT use abrasive cleaners. • Use a hard water deposit glass...


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