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User manual Wibur Curtis Company, model DHG

Manafacture: Wibur Curtis Company
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A host of intelligent design features are incorporated to give you the most efficient, dependable and easy-to-operate coffee grinders you can buy. A Warranty That Out-Performs The Rest. f Curtis Provides the Best Coffee Grinder Warranty in :he Business... :ull One-Year Warranty on all components...and 40 months or 40,000 lbs. of coffee on grinding burrs. Performance Features Unmatched By Any Other Grinder Fully Automatic Operation. Solid State, Dual Range Timers - Ensures precise portion control in all portion sizes. Models ILG & ISLG "Interlock" with Gemini Systems - To create a foolproof fresh-grind/fresh-brew coffee center. Infinitely Adjustable Grind Settings - From extra-coarse to extra-fine grinding. Fully Adjustable Portion Size - 1 oz. to 27 oz. (20 oz. on ILG and ISLG). Larger Hopper Capacity than Competitive Models - Reduces labor costs with less frequent refills. Full-Size Models: SHG: Single 6 lb. Hopper DHG/ILG: Dual 7.5 lb. ea. Hopper Low-Profile Models: SLG: Single 5 lb. Hopper ISLG: Single 5 lb. Hopper One-Button Grinding - Automatically stops when portion is fully distributed. Dual Hopper Models - Lighted select/start buttons begins grinding process as hopper is selected. No "two step" process! Single Hopper Models - Single select/start switch. Positive Flow Auger - For uninterrupted coffee dispensing. Self-Adjusting Brew Rails - Easily handle large Gemini brew baskets and all other basket models and sizes. Gemini Match Profile - Wider base than competitive models. Brew rails never extend beyond housing with larger baskets. Large Grinding Burrs - Provide faster more efficient operation. Highly Accurate and Consistent Throw - For even distribution, dust reduction. Uniform Grind. Powerful 1/2 hp Motor - Equipped with safety circuit breaker. Standard 120VAC Operation. SHG i'll 2.7" DHG ILG & 2.8 jrr' □□ -14.6-Model DHG m L10.1J Model ILG SLG ISLG 20.3 ISLG 20.3 14.0 —8.0-— 2 rINTERLOCK CABLE ELECTRICAL CABLE 10"1l7- ITT 3.4" ®.® SPECIFICATIONS SHG DHG ILG SLG ISLG Hopper Capacity (Whole Beans) 6 lbs 7.5 lbs ea. side 7.5 lbs ea. side 5 lbs. 5 lbs. Timer Dual Range/Solid State Dual Range/Solid State Solid State Interlock Dual Range/Solid State Solid State Interlock Portion Range 1 oz. to 27 oz. 1 oz. to 27 oz. 1 oz. to 27 oz. 1 oz. to 27 oz. 1 oz. to 20 oz. Dimensions (H x W x D) 22.5" x 10.1" x 14.6" 30.5" x 10.1" x 14.6" 29.3" x 10.1 x 14.5" 20.3" x 8.0" x 13.8" 20.3" x 8.0" x 13.8" Voltage 120VAC/60Hz 120VAC/60Hz 120VAC/60Hz 120VAC/60Hz 120VAC/60Hz Power Requirements 8.0A 8.0A 8.0A 8.0A 8.0A Motor .5 hp .5 hp .5 hp .5 hp .5 hp Weight (lbs.) 42 52 52 43 43 Shipping Weight (lbs.) 47 58 58 44 44 Cube (cu. ft.) 3.3 4.4 4.4 3.3 3.3 WILBUR CURTIS COMPANY, INC. 6913 Acco Street, Montebello, CA 90640-5403 Telephone: 800-421-6150 ■ 323-837-2300 Fax: 323-837-2406 ©2006 Wilbur Curtis Company, Inc. Printed in U.S.A. JUL/06 - 7454 - F1856 - rev. A...

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