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User manual ZALMAN, model CNPS9500 AT

Manafacture: ZALMAN
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manual abstract

Precautions 1) Use and keep product away from reach of children and pets. Do not ingest the Thermal Grease, and avoid its contact with skin and eyes. If contact is made with skin, wash off with water. If ingested or irritation persists, seek medical attention. To prevent possible injuries, gloves must be worn while handling this product. Excessive force exerted on the fan may cause damage to the fan and/ or system. Avoid inserting objects or hands into the fan while it is in operation to prevent product damage and injuries. Check the components list and condition of the product before installation. If any problem is found, contact the retailer to obtain a replacement. Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damages due to overclocking. During transportation of the system, the cooler must be removed. Zalman is not responsible for any damages that occur during the transport of a system. Product design and specifications may be revised to improve quality and performance. Disclaimer) Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damages due to external causes, including but not limited to, improper use, problems with electrical power, accident, neglect, alteration, repair, improper installation, or improper testing. [^2. Specifications ZALMAN.COM 1 ZALMAN.COM 2 ZALMAN L J 4. Installation Requirements 1) Space Requirements The cooler's installation requires unobstructed space with dimensions of 90m (width), 115im(length), 135mm(height), and the CPU as a central reference point. Please check if components such as ODDs and PSU protrude into the required space. 2) Air Guide Removal Air guides on enclosures must be removed, before the cooler's installation, for they protrude into the cooler's required space. 3) Cooler Orientation It is recommended that the cooler be installed so that air flows from the cooler toward the enclosure's rear exhaust fan. ZALMAN.COM 3 ZALMAN 5. Installation 1) Clip Support Installation Install the Clip Support to the motherboard according to the Socket-type. 2) Thermal Grease Application Clear off any particles or residue from the CPU's surface then spread (outwards from center) a thorough layer of Thermal Grease on the CPU and the base of the cooler. ZALMAN.COM ZALMAN 3) Cooler Installation Insert the Clip Fixing Bolts to the Clip's Installation Holes and fasten with a screwdriver. 4) Fan Connector Connect the Fan Connector to the motherboard's PWM fan header (4-Pin). ZALMAN.COM 5 ZALMAN GS1000 / GS1000SE • E-ATX / Standard ATX / microATX Compatible * Supports Intel Dual Xeon server motherboards • UP to 6 Hot Swap HDD Bays * GS1000(3 Standard / 3 Optional) * GS1000 SE(Optional) • Tool-Free HDD Installation • Airflow Optimized Design • Vibration Absorbing HDD Dampers and Feet • The World's First Roller Rails for Smooth & Easy PSU Installation • Cable Compartment Behind the Motherboard for Cable Management • Dedicated Fan Compartment for Fanless PSU Users • Up to a Total of 8 HDD Bays * 2 Adaptors & Bezels included for use of two 5.25" bays as 3.5" Internal(HDD)/ External(FDD) Bays GT1000 • High-End Gaming Enclosure Built with Sturdy All Aluminum Panels • Three Tool-Free Hinged Magnetic Panels (2 Left, 1 Right) for Easy Installation and Access to Components • Tool-Free Installation of Disk Drives, Fan Controlles, Audio Interfaces etc. • Accommodates up to 6 Hard Drives • Luxurious and Cool Aesthetics. • Color Option: Black (Red LED Fans), Titanium (Blue LED Panel). For more information, please visit our website. ZALMAN.COM 6...


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