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User manual FOCUS Enhancements, model MANL-1161-04

Manafacture: FOCUS Enhancements
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• Show - use to set the number of items, bins or content files, to show on a workspace page. • Quick select, Search, My bins -- use to locate content files stored on MA server. • Bin Name - click on name or icon to open a bin and show its content. • Action - use these buttons to manage content in a bin. The User’s privileges determine which actions are available, see User Admin on page 36. See below for a full description of each workspace feature. Quick select Use Quick select to list bins by the criteria: not yet processed This button lists bins that contain content uploaded before the User could enter or modify its metadata: see Manual Upload on page 13. via watchfolder This button lists bins containing content recently uploaded using one of the watchfolder functions, see Auto Watch on page 16. year Bins are also listed by the year that they were uploaded. MA Series Media Archive Servers MA Series Operations Bins Bin Name Click on the Bin Name or the thumbnail image above it to display contents of that bin. The name is from the bin’s metadata. Description Description entered in the bin’s metadata. Actions The User’s rights determine which of these actions are available, see User Admin on page 36. edit bin metadata • Add, change, or delete the bin’s metadata. Refresh page to see changes. • Display list of media in the bin. • Upload graphic file to display as bin’s thumbnail image. delete this bin • Delete the bin and its contents from the MA server. This Procedure Permanently Deletes Files. There is no undo for this procedure. merge bin with ... • Specify a target bin to merge with. • MA server moves the contents from the current bin to the target bin. • Once empty, the current bin is deleted. create media now • Use this function to create an archive immediately, without meeting default burn setting criteria: e.g. 70% of archive disc has not been met. • Immediately burns content to an archive disc, provided it does not conflict with a scheduled burn. ProxSysMA Services manual settings are used. • Uses Administrator predefined media settings, see Create media now (Burn-on- Demand) on page 43. MA Series Media Archive Servers MA Series Operations Search Metadata Tag Start Search BinsDiscs Search Criteria Area Date General Search The Search menu bar provides five categories of search criteria. MA Server Search Engine The MA server employs the Apache Lucene search engine. The MA server supports: • Single and multiple character wildcard searches. • Boolean logical operators AND, OR, and NOT. These operators must be entered in ALL CAPS. • Phrases delimited by quotation marks. • Escaping the special characters that are part of the query syntax. These special characters are + - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ . In general, the search procedure involves: 1. Selecting a search category: General Search, Date, Discs, Tags, or Bins. 2. Filling the search parameters. 3. Clicking on Go to start the search. MA Series Media Archive Servers MA Series Operations Search results appear in the Search Results pane to the right of the Search function. General Search Use a word or character string to perform a search of the properties of all contents for matches. General Search does not support dates. Date Search for contents using their creation dates. It is possible to specify a specific date, if known, or a range of dates using the Created after and Created before parameters. Discs Enter the disc ID number of the disc to look for. This search returns all of the contents on the requested disc. Metadata Tags Use up to four metadata tags and Exact or Fuzzy logic to search content metadata. To search: 1. Select the metadata tag from the dropdown menu listing all MA server metadata tags. 2. Enter the search term for the tag. 3. Select the type of term: required, optional, or not. not excludes the term from the search. Bins Search for bins using their parameters name, description, and created after/before dates: either individually or in combination. MA Series Media Archive Servers MA Series Operations My bins Number of Items Shown In Content Area Viewer Shortlist Display Layout Tabular or List User’s Bin List Thumbnail Content File Listing (metadata layout) Delete Selected Edit Metadata De-Select All Select All Metadata Content Status Click on a bin to display its contents. Display Layout How the content displays depends on the layout selected. • Tabular - displays the content files’ as a table of thumbnail images accompanied by their filenames, lengths and a set function buttons: Viewer and Shortlist. • List - displays all content as a list, see illustration above. Also includes metadata fields. Content List Functions Before a content file can have its metadata edited or be deleted, it must be selected for the action. Select All Selects all content: places a check mark before each content item. De-Select All De-selects all content: clears all check marks. Delete Selected Deletes content item from the bin and the MA server. 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