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User manual Intel, model Intel® Desktop Board DG41WV

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Do not leave the jumper on pins 2 and 3 while the system is powered on or the desktop board may be damaged. Table 17. Keyboard Power Jumper Settings Function/Mode Jumper Setting Configuration Disable 1-2 Disables the keyboard wake-up feature Enable 2-3 Enables the keyboard wake-up feature (default) Technical Reference 2.1.3 Back Panel Connectors Figure 4 shows the locations of the back panel connectors. Item Description A PS/2 mouse B PS/2 keyboard C Serial A D Parallel E VGA F USB 2.0 (2) G LAN H USB 2.0 (2) I Line in J Line out K Mic Figure 4. Back Panel Connectors Intel Desktop Board DG41WV Technical Product Specification 2.2 Mechanical Considerations 2.2.1 Form Factor The board is designed to fit into a microATX-form-factor chassis. Figure 5 illustrates the mechanical form factor of the board. Dimensions are given in inches [millimeters]. The outer dimensions are 9.60 inches by 7.80 inches [243.84 millimeters by 198.12 millimeters]. The locations of the I/O connectors and mounting holes are in compliance with the ATX specification. Figure 5. Board Dimensions Technical Reference 2.3 Electrical Considerations 2.3.1 Power Supply Considerations CAUTION The +5 V standby line from the power supply must be capable of providing adequate +5 V standby current. Failure to do so can damage the power supply. The total amount of standby current required depends on the wake devices supported and manufacturing options. Additional power required will depend on configurations chosen by the integrator. The power supply must comply with the indicated parameters of the ATX form factor specification. • The potential relation between 3.3 VDC and +5 VDC power rails • The current capability of the +5 VSB line • All timing parameters • All voltage tolerances For example, for a system consisting of a supported 65 W processor, 1 GB DDR3 RAM, one hard disk drive, one optical drive, and all board peripherals enabled, the minimum recommended power supply is 300 W. Table 18 lists the recommended power supply current values. Table 18. Recommended Power Supply Current Values Output Voltage 3.3 V 5 V 12 V1 12 V2 -12 V 5 VSB Current 15 A 15 A 10 A 10 A 0.3 A 3.0 A .INTEGRATOR’S NOTES Ensure that the power supply used with this board meets energy efficiency requirements measured at a system level. Intel makes no warranties or representations that use of this board will result in a system that meets ENERGY STAR* or European Union ErP requirements. 2.4 Thermal Considerations CAUTION All responsibility for determining the adequacy of any thermal or system design remains solely with the reader. Intel makes no warranties or representations that merely following the instructions presented in this document will result in a system with adequate thermal performance. Intel Desktop Board DG41WV Technical Product Specification CAUTION Ensure that proper airflow is maintained in the processor voltage regulator circuit. Failure to do so may result in damage to the voltage regulator circuit. The processor voltage regulator area can reach a temperature of up to 95 oC in an open chassis. Table 19 provides maximum case temperatures for the board components that are sensitive to thermal changes. The operating temperature, current load, or operating frequency could affect case temperatures. Maximum case temperatures are important when considering proper airflow to cool the board. Table 19. Thermal Considerations for Components Component Maximum Case Temperature Processor For processor case temperature, see processor datasheets and processor specification updates Intel 82G41 GMCH 102 oC (under bias) Intel 82801GB (ICH7) 108 oC (under bias) 2.5 Reliability The Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) prediction is calculated using component and subassembly random failure rates. The calculation is based on Telcordia Issue 2. The MTBF prediction is used to estimate repair rates and spare parts requirements. The MTBF data is calculated from predicted data at 50 .C. The Intel Desktop Board DG41WV MTBF is 274,423 hours. 2.6 ACPI Wake-up Devices and Events Table 20 lists the devices or specific events that can wake the computer from specific states. Table 20. Wake-up Devices and Events These devices/events can wake up the computer… …from this state LAN S1, S3, S4, and S5 PME# signal S1, S3, S4, and S5 Power switch S1, S3, S4, and S5 RTC alarm S3, S4, and S5 PS/2 S1, S3, and S5 USB S3 WAKE# signal S1, S3, S4, and S5 Regulatory Compliance and Battery Disposal Information 3.1 Regulatory Compliance This section contains the following regulatory compliance information for Intel Desktop Board DG41WV: • Safety standards • European Union Declaration of Conformity statement • Product Ecology statements • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards • Product certification markings 3.1.1 Safety Standards The Intel Desktop Board DG41WV complies with the safety standards stated in Table 21 when correctly installed in a compatible host system. Table 21. Safety Standards Standard Title ...


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