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User manual Frigidaire, model 66121613

Manafacture: Frigidaire
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• Do not run air conditioner with outside protective cover in place. This could result in mechanical damage within the air conditioner. • Do not use an extension cord or an adapter plug. READ THIS SECTION BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO OPERATE AIR CONDITIONER. Operation of Current Device Plug in & press RESET NOTE: Some plugs have buttons on the top. The power supply cord contains a current device that senses damage to the power cord. To test your power supply cord do the following: 1. Plug in the Air Conditioner. 2. The power supply cord will have TWO buttons on the plug head. Press the TEST button. You will notice a click as the RESET button pops out. 3. Press the RESET button. Again you will notice a click as the button engages. 4. The power supply cord is now supplying electricity to the unit. (On some products this is also indicated by a light on the plug head). NOTES: • Do not use this device to turn the unit on or off. • Always make sure the RESET button is pushed in for correct operation. • The power supply cord must be replaced if it fails to reset when either the TEST button is pushed, or it cannot be reset. A new one can be obtained from the product manufacturer. • If power supply cord is damaged, it CANNOT be repaired. It MUST be replaced by one obtained from the product manufacturer. 4 ELECTRONIC CONTROL OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Air Conditioner Features Before you begin, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the control panel and remote as shown LIGHT below and all its functions, then follow the symbol for the functions you desire. The unit can ON/OFF AutoTemp be controlled by the touch pad alone or with the remote. ADJUSTS TEMP & SETS TIME FAN SPEED SETS MODE ACTIVATE TIMER REMOTE CONTROL ADJUSTS DISPLAYS SETS MODE TEMPERATURE TEMPERATURE/TIME Exhaust OpenClosed OR TIME EXHAUST SELECTOR SETS MODE CHECK FILTER ACTIVATES TURNS UNIT SETS FAN RESET BUTTON TIMER ON OR OFF SPEEDS TOUCH PAD NOTE: The following instructions represent the Touch Pad, the same instructions can be used for the Remote Control. TO TURN UNIT ON: YOU WILL SEE: DO THIS: PRESS ON/OFF BUTTON 5 Air Conditioner Features (continued) TO OPERATE FAN ONLY: DO THIS: PRESS CHOOSE MODE BUTTON FAN ONLY LIGHT On YOU WILL SEE: Note: Use this function only when cooling is not desired, such as for room air circulation or to exhaust stale air (Remember to open the vent during this function, but keep it closed during cooling for maximum cooling efficiency). You can choose any fan speed you prefer. During this function, the display will show the actual room temperature, not the set temperature as in the cooling mode. LIGHT On TO USE THE ENERGY SAVER FEATURE: YOU WILL SEE: DO THIS: PRESS CHOOSE MODE BUTTON ENERGY SAVER Note: In this mode, the fan will continue to run for 3 minutes after the compressor shuts off. The fan then cycles on for 2 minutes at 10 minute intervals until the room temperature is above the set temperature, at which time the unit turns back on. SLEEP FEATURE: SLEEP BUTTON PRESS DO THIS: LIGHT On YOU WILL SEE: Note: In this "MODE" the selected temperature will increase by 2 degrees F 30 minutes after the mode is selected. The temperature will then increase by another 2 degrees F after an additional 30 minutes. This new temperature will be maintained for 7 hours before it returns to the originally selected temperature. This ends the "Sleep" MODE and the unit will continue to operate as originally programmed. The "Sleep" MODE program can be cancelled at any time during operation by pressing "Sleep" MODE button. 7 Air Conditioner Features (continued) ADDITIONAL THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW fan will continue to run during this time. Now that you have mastered the operating procedure, here are more features in your control that you should become familiar with. The “Cool” circuit has an automatic 3 minute delayed start if the unit is turned off and on quickly.this prevents overheating of the compressor and possible circuit breaker tripping. The The control will maintain the set temperature within 2 degrees Fahrenheit, between 60F and 90F degrees. The control is capable of displaying temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius. To convert from one to the other and back, press and hold the “TEMP/TIMER” Up ( ) and Down ( ) buttons together for 3 seconds. EXHAUST CONTROL This Exhaust Control allows the air conditioner to either recirculate inside air (CLOSED) or exhaust air to the outside (OPEN). The CLOSED position is used when maximum cooling is desired. It may also be used for air recirculation without cooling when the air conditioner is set in any FAN position. The OPEN position removes stale air from the room and exhausts it to the outside. Fresh air is drawn in through normal passages in the home. 4-WAY LOUVERS The 4-Way air directional louvers allow you to direct air flow up or down, left or right throughout the room as needed. closed Exhaust 9 TO TURN UNIT OFF: YOU WILL SEE: DO THIS: PRESS ON/OFF BUTTON Care and Cleaning Clean your air con...


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