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User manual GE, model 2800

Manafacture: GE
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manual abstract

REMOVE JUNCTION BOX 1 Remove the junction box cover by removing the front two screws. 2 Remove the junction box by removing the top and bottom rear screws. Note how the tabs on the lower left side of the junction box serve to hold the side in place. This will help when the box is being reinstalled. 1 Unit connector Junction box cover Junction box CUT AND STRIP THE CORDSET 1 Remove the cordset from the power supply kit. Measure 6. down the cord from where it emerges from the back of the nylon plastic connector and cut the cord through at this point. 2 Carefully remove 3. of the cordset insulation so as to expose the three insulated wires. 3 Strip 3/4. of the insulation away at the end of each of the three wires (L1, Neutral and Ground). Plug the connector fully into place in the unit mating connector. Be sure the locking tabs at the sides are engaged. 2 3/4. 3. Connector 6. NOTE: Order Kit RAK4002CW to enable a quick disconnect inside the junction box. 15 Installation Instructions 265 VOLT ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 3 ATTACH CONDUIT REINSTALL JUNCTION BOX 4 1 Use the round knockout at the bottom of the • Reinstall the junction box by engaging the left tabs junction box to attach conduit coming from the on the lower right face of the unit, aligning the branch circuit. Remove the knockout, attach the screw holes at the top and bottom and driving the conduit and bring wires into the junction box. two screws until secure. Be sure that all wire leads Leave 6. of wire free at the end of the conduit are inside the box and not pinched between the box to allow connections to be made. and the unit. The green insulated ground wire from Conduit 2 If a fuse and fuseholder are to be used, the knockout at the top of the box is for mounting a Buss Fuseholder. Be sure the fuse and fuseholder are of the same rating as the branch circuit. Leadwires at the fuse can be either soldered in place or attached using UL-listed 1/4. female (receptacle) crimp connectors. the unit MUST be connected to the branch circuit ground wire. Make all wire connections by using appropriate UL-listed electrical connectors and techniques (black to black, white to white and green to green). 5 REINSTALL JUNCTION BOX COVER 1 Carefully tuck all wires and connections back inside the junction box. Be sure there are no loose connections or stray uninsulated wires exposed. 2 Place the junction box cover in place. Replace the two screws removed earlier and tighten securely. 3 Discard the unused portion of the plug and the cordset. 16 Installation Instructions POWER CONNECTION CHART 230/208 Volt Power Supply Kits with Leakage Current Detection Wall Plug Heater Wattage Device Configuration Circuit Protective Device @ 230/208 Volts RAK3153 Tandem 15 Amp Time Delay Fuse or Breaker 2.55/2.09 KW RAK3203 Perpendicular 20 Amp Time Delay Fuse or Breaker 3.45/2.82 KW RAK3303* Large Tandem 30 Amp Time Delay Fuse or Breaker 5.00/4.10 KW 265 Volt Power Wall Plug Heater Wattage Supply Kits Configuration Circuit Protective Device @ 265 Volts RAK5172 Does Not Apply 15 Amp Time Delay Fuse or Breaker 2.55 KW RAK5202 Does Not Apply 20 Amp Time Delay Fuse or Breaker 3.45 KW RAK5302* Does Not Apply 30 Amp Time Delay Fuse or Breaker 5.0 KW *Not approved for use on 7000 BTU models. 17 Installation Instructions INSTALLING THE ZONELINE 1 INSTALL THE WALL CASE AND EXTERIOR GRILLE The RAB71 series or RAB77 wall case must be properly installed per instructions packed with the case. • Remove the corrugated stiffener and the outdoor protective panel. Use the slit in the outdoor panel as a handhold and push out. Protective Slit panel Stiffener • Install the exterior grille from the room side following instructions packed with the grille. Insulated Wall Case This unit is designed to be installed in a GE plastic or an insulated steel wall case. This minimizes condensation from forming on the room side of the case. The RAB71 series wall cases are insulated. Insulation kit RAK901L is available for use with RAB77 or existing uninsulated wall cases when needed. NOTE: For installation with a subbase or duct adapter, see the instructions packed with those kits. PREPARE THE UNIT • Carefully remove shipping tape and foam shipping blocks from the room cabinet, compressor and vent door. There may be multiple blocks and pieces of shipping tape that need to be removed. • Remove the room cabinet by pulling it out at the bottom to release it (1), then lift it up to clear the rail along the unit top (2). 2 Shipping tape (Locations may vary) Remove two shipping screws 18 INSTALL THE UNIT INTO THE WALL CASE Slide the unit into the wall case and secure with four screws through the unit flange holes. 3 REPLACE THE ROOM CABINET Reinstall the room cabinet by hooking the top over the rail along the unit top (1), then pushing it in at the bottom (2). 4 Installation Instructions 19 NOTE: There are several extra holes in the unit side flanges for installation in wall cases other than GE. To avoid damaging the flange insulati...

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